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6 Ways to Get Speaking Gigs Quickly - Grow Your Speaking Business

6 Ways to Get Speaking Gigs Quickly

6 Ways to Get Speaking Gigs Quickly

Find a good resource such as where you have continuous, fresh access to lots of speaking leads. Sourcing leads can be tremendously time consuming, so be sure to tap into services that do the legwork for you.

Once you identify leads that are potential gigs for you, submit to these leads at least twice a week consistently. Meaning, work the leads and submit your proposals in 2 sessions per week, at a minimum. Follow up is crucial, so be sure to track what you have done and keep an eye out for contact from the planners so that you can reply within the day

Take an objective look at your website to make sure these 3 key elements are in place. 1. A highly attractive CTA- What do you want them to do? Watch a video? Download your onesheet? Review your talks? Tell them exactly what to do. 2. Always have a video and a onesheet on your site with your talks with brief bulletpoints. Don’t make them guess what you do. They will leave. Quickly. 3. Make sure your site makes sense to them as soon as they land on your site. They need to know what you do immediately and how to book you. It is your job to convey this very clearly & succinctly.

Follow the contacts or organizations for your leads on social media. Friend them. Like their posts. Get in front of them. Ever have that feeling you’ve seen someone before, but you’ve never met? These days, in the social media age, it is very possible you saw them online first. Tap into the same type of recognition with your potentials.

Have good quality images. Traditional, action, fun. Just make sure they are ones that truly portray your personality. Images make an immediate connection, so please make sure you are smiling in all of them, even a little. It sends the message to planners that you will be approachable and easy to work with.

Be a specialist. Being a generalist will get you nowhere, fast. Be the answer to someone in a specific market. You want to become the go-to expert in a niche field. This will keep you booked consistently. Take a look at what your message is and who it serves. Are you serving the right people? The ones that need your message are waiting for it. Truly. Are you in the right market? Deeply analyze this and when you think you are niched … guess what? You need to dig deeper and niche down as specifically as you can. Tight, tight, tight.

Although there are many things you should do to set yourself up as a successful speaker and business owner, these are 6 things you can start with today to help maximize your success for getting booked consistently. I kept this list quick and easy on purpose. I want to see you succeed.

Clear, doable steps are the key. You’ve got something that can change the world for the better and impact people in important ways. You can do this. Get started now.

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