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Janet Edmunson, M.Ed., is a motivational speaker, consultant, author and health promotion professional who is dedicated to supporting the growth and self-esteem of the people her life touches. Janet connects authentically with participants and many rave about her message’s impact on their lives and their optimism.

Janet Edmunson is President of JME Insights and Founding Partner in sPeak Performance.  She has over 30 years’ experience in leadership and the health promotion field, working for a Fortune 50 company, Georgia-Pacific, as well as for small and mid-size businesses. She was Director of Prevention & Wellness for a staff of 20 at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts for 12 years before retiring early in 2007 to pursue her passion for speaking.

While still working full-time, Janet took care of her husband, Charles, during the five years he dealt with an Atypical Parkinson’s disease. During his illness, she helped Charles write his book titled Paradoxes of Leadership. Janet is also the author of her own book, Finding Meaning with Charles, along with articles in journals, newspapers and magazines.

Janet has presented to or consulted with over 300 groups including national and state conferences, caregiver/disease organizations and for companies large and small. Some of her clients include:

  • Bryant University Women’s Summit
  • The Florida Women’s Conference
  • BP Oil America
  • Lonza, Inc.
  • Massachusetts Hospice Federation
  • Patrick Dempsey Cancer Center
  • Alzheimer’s Association (various state chapters)
  • American Parkinson’s Disease Association (various state chapters)

Janet Edmunsonis a past Chair of the Board of Directors for The Foundation for PSP | CBD and Related Brain Diseases. She is also on the Board of Trustees for the Employee Ownership Foundation. Janet is a former President of the Association for Worksite Health Promotion and has a Master’s degree from Georgia State University. She is a member of the National Speakers Association.



Transform Yourself and Your Organization through Positive Psychology

Chances are you’ve seen the unfortunate impact of negativity in your workplace and life.  Thinking patterns, including pessimism, inflexibility, and mindless reactivity, are risk factors for these problems. However, research in positive psychology demonstrates that healthier thinking styles can be learned that foster creativity, engagement and resilience. In this keynote, Janet brings this research alive as she explores how it applies to high performing workplaces and individual effectiveness.  She uniquely blends these concepts with personal stories and hands on applications that participants can use immediately to establish the power of optimism in their lives and workplaces.

I’ve had it up to here!  Staying positive when things get tough

We all face challenges in our life and work.  Some are internal, such as keeping up our motivation when the going gets tough.  Others are external, such as the difficult people we deal with or the obstacles life puts in our way.  Whether you are a pessimist, optimist or somewhere in between, Janet demonstrates in this keynote that we all can learn to adopt an attitude that strengthens us through all of our challenges and re-ignites our energy.

Importance of Positive Emotions for Caregivers

Janet takes her popular positive psychology messages and personal experience caring for her late husband and customizes her presentations for various caregiver and disease-related organizations, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and ALS.  She adapts her keynote to also meet the needs of professional and/or family caregivers.


“Well-timed. I had been losing my positivity and zest, but I know I can get it back.” – Joanne Spronk, BP Oil Americas, Warrenville, IL

“Allowed me to really brainstorm and reflect on how important it is to nurture my own happiness” – Alexis Aubrey, from Florida Women’s Conference

“Very real and personable. Simplistically profound.” – Cherie Price, attendee at the Illinois Women’s Conference

“In general, I am an optimist but sometimes the ‘crisis du jour’ tests my positive attitude. Janet’s suggestion of ‘what went well today’ is a great way to get back on track!” – Susan Knedler, attendee at Expo for the Maine Association of Mortgage Professionals, Freeport, ME

“Janet [and her business partner] crafted and conducted a full-day program addressing our team’s needs…The program they designed and delivered addressed our needs perfectly. They were successful in getting everyone engaged and committed to the team’s success…We look forward to working with them to sustain our team’s gains.” – Elizabeth Oakes, Site Director, Lonza Rockland, Inc., Rockland, ME

“Janet’s presentation felt like a blood transfusion to a weary social worker! Thank you!” – Paula Draper, Nashville, TN

“Loved the class! One of the best I have taken. Love all the tips and quick ideas that I can use right away!” – Jan Teed, attendee at University of New Hampshire Professional Development Program, Portsmouth, NH

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