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Above and Beyond the Speaker Demo

Above and Beyond the Speaker Demo


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You are taking your viewer on a journey. 

Believe it, or not the viewers of your video want you to tell them what to do, and this includes the meeting organizer who has the power to hire you.

So, it’s your job as a speaker to take their hand and take them on that journey, and it starts in your speaker demo video.

I’ve been working with speakers and planners since 2002, and one thing I’ve noticed even years ago when I was getting VHS and DVD’s in the mail is that most videos lacked an essential ingredient and that was telling the viewer what they wanted them to do.

Think about it for a minute. Let’s say you are excited to binge-watch a Netflix series, and you get into the first episode, and it’s so good that you quickly grab the remote and click on the next episode. 


To your surprise, there is no more. You become sad, almost angry that you couldn’t continue the journey. 

You quickly forget because another series on Amazon Prime has now captured your attention, and it has plenty of episodes. Now your happy and connected and have moved on.

Well, my friend, do you see where I’m going with this? 

That series, the one that had only one episode, is similar to your video demo. 

Don’t leave the viewer hanging, give them more of your story so they can be pulled into the “series” and feel a connection which all equals trust and in return equals bookings.

Ok, Wendi, so what do you suggest. I’ve worked on my speaker demo; I have a call to action at the end that says “Learn More” or “Book Suzy Speaker Today.” 

Nope, that doesn’t work and is “Old School” and B.O.R.I.N.G.

I recommend adding a CTA in the middle of your video just in case they don’t finish it for some reason. There needs to be one at the end as well.

It needs to be creative and strategic. 

Above and Beyond the Speaker Demo

Again, you want to take them on a journey with you, telling them your story but yet showing how your information can help their audience “feel something” or “move them forward in their business or life” you need to earn their respect and trust, you need to help them connect with you. 

Take them on the journey so they can see for themselves that you are the perfect expert for their event.

Start with your speaker video demo, and this will reel them in and start the journey, the connection. Now add a good CTA in the middle and the end to continue that journey. 

Some examples of a good CTA could include taking them on a journey through another video or two and after it could be a visit to your planner page or one-sheet. 

I would also suggest a visit to your social platforms (only use the ones you’re active on) they will want to follow you and see how you react and how others interact with you. 

Taking them on a journey is a process; it’s not only throwing one video out there, crossing your fingers that they will pick up the phone or send an email.

I would say 99.9% won’t hire a speaker after watching the first video. They want to know more. Again, the journey.

Take them on that journey, my friend, let them connect with you, so they feel comfortable reaching out because when a planner becomes comfortable is when you get hired.

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