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Article - 3 Tips That Will Help Build Your Speaking Business - Grow Your Speaking Business

Article – 3 Tips That Will Help Build Your Speaking Business

It’s a new year. New changes. It’s important to keep up with the changing times so you don’t get left behind. Keep this in mind as you review what I personally feel is the top 3 tips to help build your  public speaking business.

 Tip #1 – Social Media Involvement: This is one I constantly teach to my speaker clients. Take a look at just a few facts that might get you to thinking it’s a good idea to hit the social media platforms. 72% of people on the internet are active in social media. There are now over 1.15 billion people on Facebook. 359 million users on Google + there are 550 million registered users on Twitter and Twitter is the fastest growing network. Not to mention the others like Instagram (which I love) LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Vine, SoundCloud and more. Need I say more? This is a no-brainer for anyone trying to build relationships and connect with more people. Is it exhausting? Heck Yes! But the results for interacting on social media platforms are amazing! So, if you are determined and dedicated to your speaking business and its success then you won’t mind putting in the extra hour or so a day to build your social media presence.

Tip #2 – Video.Video.Video: I probably don’t need to say much about this nor stress the importance because I think you already know. If you haven’t gotten any videos of your events, workshops etc. get it done this year! If you have no upcoming events then sit down in front of the computer, turn on your webcam and talk away (no more than 3 minutes max) This is important as I say time and time again planners are looking for video on your website, there is a need to make that connection with you and get a feeling if you will be a fit for their audience…no video, they will move on in most cases. Don’t know where to start with getting a video done? Email me and I can assist you as we have in-house video editing and production and can get you all set up for 2014! 

public speaking video

Tip #3 – Have a Strong Platform: Having a strong platform is going to grow your public speaking business! I have talked about this for years but it’s never been as important as we enter 2014 to have a strong platform online. This includes an eye-catching, non-cluttered website that has a very clear message and all the essential elements in place that a planner needs to make a hiring decision. You want to get hired on the spot? Have a strong platform. A clean website with a clear message and a video, if you do then your chances of getting hired are so much higher.

Although there are many tips I can give to get you started in 2014 these are the top three I wanted to highlight. If you are unsure of where to start and how to do some of these tips then give me a call or send me an email to and I will be happy to help.

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