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Article - Public Speakers Should Be Utilizing Social Media To Grow Their Business - Grow Your Speaking Business

Article – Public Speakers Should Be Utilizing Social Media To Grow Their Business

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Social Media is HUGE and the opportunities are amazing today!

Using social media on a regular basis will assist speakers in growing their business. With the focus on being connected in today’s society, public speakers need to be right there with everyone. You will be able to attract more people to your business and keep everyone informed on what you’ve been doing, where you’ve been, what happening next, share nuggets of helpful information, articles, videos, give away stuff, build relationships and much more. 

This is a necessary part of growth for any business and for every public speaker.

We all know an important component to being a speaker and growing your business is being reachable. People need to have the ability to find you without a lot of hassle involved, which is what you have with social media. You can be found through so many platforms and at most times instantaneously if you allow it to be set up that way.

Remember, Planners are busy and they won’t give it a 2nd thought to finding another speaker because you are too hard to find and contact. Make it easy for them. Share every possible social media outlet you are on.

Not sure which ones to start with first, for examples go to our site and on the home page is all my social media links, be sure and click them on and join me and of you don’t have your own account start one.

You can be found and you can develop connections, helping you to build up your business and earn greater respect. As mentioned above, posting videos, making updates related to your area of expertise, and staying active online can all help you to improve your speaking business. You will have a better chance at success and you will be able to connect with people in a way that you cannot with anything else.

Social media is one of the most effective public speaking tools and is highly recommended. You need a place to talk, a place where you can share your voice and it can be heard and where you can listen to others…truly listen and then help. You need to be yourself when using most platforms and really get to know each one as they carry different audiences and that speak different languages, so learn each platform. For instance Facebook is more personable and you really can let your “true” self shine through in which people can connect (key there is “connect”) and Linked in of course is more of a professional platform.

As a professional public speakers, it is vital that you set yourself apart, I’ve said it a million times and will say it again. So, use social media to help you do just this, be that “purple” cow in the field.