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Article - Public Speakers: Create streams of income with your products and services - Grow Your Speaking Business

Article – Public Speakers: Create streams of income with your products and services

by Wendi J. McNeill

Creating and building your empire of products and services is not difficult! You decided to become a speaker because you have a deep passion to share with the world. You’re talented and knowledgeable in your field. So, it’s simply a matter of learning a few basics on how to package and sell that knowledge. Put yourself in the right train of thought: You can create products quickly and easily, and they can be very profitable for you!

Some of your products will be used as giveaways, teasers, or bonuses for purchasing other products or services. All of them should be of true value to your clients and should make them eager to know more about your business, what you have to offer and how it will solve their problems. You want to draw them to your website, sign them up for your mailing list, and build a long-term relationship. Your speaking engagement is the ideal place to start the ball rolling.

Be sure to get permission—before the event—to set up a table for the purpose of displaying and selling your BOR products. Once again, you might even ask the event organizer if there are any members or employees who would be willing to volunteer to help with the sales in exchange for a small product from the table. Having assistants would leave you open to mingle and answer any questions.

You’re planning on making some money with your Back of the Room sales, but you absolutely don’t want your table in the back and out of sight. See if you can strategically place it in view of the audience or in an area of high traffic.

Depending on your business, you might be promoting coaching and mentoring sessions, consulting services, digital downloads, or other intangible products and services and I do highly suggest this, but make sure you also have tangible products available—something the attendees can hold in their hand and take home with them.

If you do a good job of making the audience “feel” and have solved at least one of their problems during your presentation and have truly connected you’ll leave the audience wanting more from you and your BOR sales will soar along with your web sales!