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Article - Public Speakers Filling the Gap Between Point "A" and Point "B" - Grow Your Speaking Business

Article – Public Speakers Filling the Gap Between Point “A” and Point “B”

Public Speakers: Filling the Gap Between Point “A” and Point “B”

So you are starting a public speaking business. Maybe you already have one and now you’re just growing it. If you head to a search engine looking for “help on how to start and grow your business”, “how to get found”, “get more exposure”, you probably will not find what you’re looking for. Instead, you’ll find many experts to ready to assist you in conquering your fear of speaking, improving your presentation skills, walking and talking and dressing for your speeches, and actually giving the perfect speech. Which is awesome. But the struggle for many of us is actually this: how do I get to that point? The point where I need to start perfecting my presentation, the point of where I need to learn how to engage my audience, the point where I have public speaking jobs! There’s a gap between learning and doing, and the line between point A and point is hard to draw.

It seems that you can learn anything you want – from books, audio, DVDs, boot camps, coaching programs, etc. – once you’re already at point B. But what about the gap between point A and point B? How do you get the skills necessary to start doing public speaking, to start getting the jobs, so that you can learn all those perfecting skills? Drawing this line between points A and B is a struggle for many, and sometimes it’s a step that is skipped… which is a big mistake. Many speakers often throw themselves out there, and they end up disappointed because they didn’t achieve the results they expected from their hard work. Not to mention the dent made in their pocketbook from all of the marketing and other expenses tossed to the wind. The end result? Dreams of public speaking success face the back burner. They tried to live in point B without taking the essential steps between A and B. They tried to do the job before they had all the essential skills and materials.

Remember to take baby steps and to fill the gap between points A and B. Know your niche, know your market and your audience, know who you are meant to serve. Set up a market strategy that will be effective for your business. Make yourself marketable first. It will be nearly impossible to market yourself if you are not first marketable.

Let me repeat that: it will make it close to impossible to market yourself if you are not first marketable.

Point A may be unprofitable and tedious, but it’s essential. And point B maybe awesome and exciting. But you don’t just jump across the chasm. Build that line first. Give yourself something to stand on while you cross.