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Article - Speakers That Sparkle - Grow Your Speaking Business

Article – Speakers That Sparkle

Using social media is fundamental to creating an online profile that attracts speaking gigs.

While it is not recommended to splurge on style in your presentation, it doesn’t mean you can’t dazzle your audience. Multimedia is your best friend. Using a well designed PowerPoint slideshow movie with quality sound can go a long way in making your content memorable. The best platform to generate new speaking contracts is at your event.

PowerPoint has gone a long way. These days the application can almost function as a movie video. Modern technology has made people very visually oriented. Audiences have shorter attention spans thanks to the iPhone and other tech gadgets. Don’t compete with a PDA during your presentation. Make use of it. Consider having your presentation play simultaneously on your attendee’s iPhones while it runs on the large screen. This way you can focus on the content rather on the technical aspects of a projector during your speech.

Integrating apps and creating interactive presentations with iPhones can harness the attention of attendees. Even better is the harnessing of app features post-event that can make your talk especially memorable. Consider making a game of exercises do people can apply your teachings when your talk is over. Remember, you are competing with iPads who can capture your audience in a click. Incorporating technology to sparkle your speech will go a long way in establishing you as an entertaining and informative speaker.

By Rheba Estante: Regular guest blogger for Charli Jane and a San Francisco Bay Area writer for the Examiner specializing in women’s health and lifestyle issues