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Article - The Top 5 Essential Elements That Make an Incredible and Profitable Speaker Website - Grow Your Speaking Business

Article – The Top 5 Essential Elements That Make an Incredible and Profitable Speaker Website

We all want the perfect, amazing and profitable website right? Sure we do. The reason being of course, is because we want to increase our clients, relationships and income.

A speakers website has to speak to their audience and it must have all the necessary elements to make it successful and profitable. A well put together website is not only going to increase your income and speaking jobs but build those very important relationships.

I encourage you to put your own site together because only you know you and this needs to shine on your website. Hiring a web design expert is also an option but make sure you choose one that will allow you the freedom to be you, one that will allow you to add what you want and do what you want. You do not want to hire a web designer who is going to do it “their way” because a lot of pro web designers are not marketers and if you don’t create your site with marketing in mind it’s going to cost you more in the near future to fix and the time spent will become most frustrating for you very quickly.

You want your website to work for you so in saying that below are the top 5 essential elements speakers should have on their speaker website and is what I teach my own clients that they need to make their website a success.

1. Showcase your message well: Your website should immediately speak clearly and directly to your audience. Clear and concise. Confused buyers won’t buy. Confused planners won’t hire. Make it easy for them and make sure your message is coming across loud and clear.

2. You have a new web visitor, now what? Tell your visitor exactly what you want them to do. They need direction, what to do, where to go. People need steps (a process) to help them along, without a plan of action or direction it’s like having a guest come to your house; you answer the door and let them in and just turn and walk away. They don’t know what to do and so they just stand by the front door…you didn’t give them directions on what to do, should they go sit in the dining room, join you in the kitchen or perhaps go in the living room for cocktails and h’orderves. Direct your visitor on exactly what you want them to do…what’s the next step?

3. Give your visitor something to remember you: You get a web visitor, they browse and think to themselves they’ll be back later to contact you but the majority never make it back or don’t remember your website address and this is why it’s so important to have a sign up (opt in) box on your website either in the banner or on the top right hand side of every page on your website. The reason for every page is because when someone is searching for your keyword you don’t know what page they will end up on. Having this in place is an excellent marketing technique and a must have because without it you are losing potential clients and sales on a daily basis. You want to collect your web visitors name and email only so you can continue to market to them on a regular basis. This is very important and highly recommended. Let your website work for you and don’t let it be just an online brochure only this really doesn’t help you out. I spoke with a client the other day who said they had gotten over 1500 visitors to their site within 2 weeks, I said wow! I also proceeded to ask how many contacted you? Their hesitant reply told me none, this is a big no-no. Don’t lose your visitors, capture them and build relationships. This is my number one marketing technique for my own business and so I can tell you the results will be amazing.  Your mailing list will become one of your most precious assets

4. Have a speaking/meeting planner page: This is where you will have everything nice and pretty for the planner, the page is easy to access and it will have all the speaker essentials in place and easily downloadable for the planner. Make it easy for them, they are busy and in a hurry and trust me finding the prefect speaker is not the only thing they have on their plate, so the easier you make it for them the better for you.

5. Media…Media…Media. Have a media room; this is a little (actually big) secret right here that many speakers don’t have in place and if they did it could increase their chances of being hired by 100% why? Because the hiring party wants to know where you have been, what you have been doing and this is going to be the page to showcase your expertise… your platform for you to say, yes indeed I am the speaker you seek and as you can clearly see I Walk my Talk.

You want to show your media appearances including TV, radio and publications with either placing the direct video/audio on this page or a link to the page (if at all possible try and put the video/audio directly on your page) you want to show press releases and some articles you have written so planners can read and print out if need be to bring to the hiring board meeting, you want to have strong testimonials in place and you want to share your video demos here (put on both the speaker and media page because sometimes the hiring party doesn’t go to both pages) a word to the newer speaker who does not yet have a video to showcase. Do an audio clip and add it to your website at least the planner will be able to make that voice/face connection. They want to hear you, see you and feel confident in making the right decision and it’s your job to help them make the right decision and to feel fully confident in doing so….the media room is all about media and the more you get of it the more doors of opportunity will open.

The above are just a few tips and brief ones but hopefully enough to help you get your creative wheels turning and remember most important in all this is to stay true to yourself, love what you do and be unique in all you do. People will be drawn to you and want to work with you because of YOU.