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Audra Fournier - Grow Your Speaking Business

Audra Fournier

Professional Speaker and Business Strategist

Audra Fournier

“I help business owners build and run better businesses so they can make a lasting impact on clients, customers and communities.”

Travels From: Florida, global and virtual

Audra Fournier

About Audra

Audra is a Keynote Speaker, business strategist, and third-generation entrepreneur who has held a lifelong passion for the complex dynamics of business, legacy, systems, processes, and how personalities define leadership styles and impact culture. She says she is the place where psychology and business collide.

Audra is a resident of Tallahassee, Florida where she earned a hospitality degree from FSU. However, her career in the hospitality industry spanned from New York City to Tampa Bay and emphasized customer experience, relationship building, and change management. She worked with the best in the industry and individuals who had never heard of 5-star service. Growing up surrounded by businesses Audra knew she wanted to run her own business, helping other business owners, so after she completed her MBA she founded a coaching practice to devote her life to business development. Her role as a coach and consultant allows her to help other businesses thrive by blending her extensive knowledge of business with expertise in executing customer service experiences.

Since returning to Tallahassee in 2016, she’s actively contributed to the community through non-profits and leadership development.

As a certified life and business coach, DISC trainer, and John Maxwell certified Coach, she empowers individuals to enhance communication and collaboration.

Currently, she runs multiple businesses, serves on The Salvation Army’s Advisory Board, NEBA Board, is President of Grow Tallahassee, and travels as much as possible. She is excited every day about contributing to her clients and community.


Topics: Legacy, leadership, communication and systems

Legacy through Leadership

The decisions we make as business owners and leaders impact our communities more than we can comprehend. In this session, we will discuss how awareness and understanding of leadership and a thoughtful approach to legacy can help guide our decisions related to preservation, revitalization, and connectivity.

Fostering leadership and employee engagement through Personality Profiling

In this dynamic session, the speaker addresses the critical role of innovative communication approaches, weaving in the powerful tool of DISC personality profiling to foster employee engagement. The core theme revolves around humanizing leadership for increased communication effectiveness within organizations. The speaker explores how understanding diverse personality types through DISC profiling can be a game-changer in tailoring communication strategies to your team.



"Audra has an amazing ability to get to the heart of the matter. Our sessions were always productive and I never felt like she was trying to slow play the process."




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