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Creating Videos for Your Speaker Website

Creating Videos for Your Speaker Website

Have you ever wondered about creating videos for your speaker website? It’s like adding a sprinkle of magic that can seriously enhance your brand and connect with your potential clients. Videos give them a front-row seat to your passion, energy, and the very essence of what you bring to the stage. But how do you […]

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Speaking events

How to Attract Event Planners and Land Speaking Opportunities

Securing speaking engagements that align with your passion and expertise involves strategy and savvy navigation of the speaking industry. By clarifying your niche, building an authoritative online presence, leveraging your network, crafting a compelling pitch, and persistently seeking opportunities, you can attract event planners and land more of your dream speaking gigs. How to Attract […]

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Speaker bio

7 Quick Tips for Creating a Compelling Speaker Portfolio

As a public speaker, standing out from the crowd is both your biggest challenge and your ticket to success. While your charisma, knowledge, and presentation skills play significant roles, one crucial tool often takes a backseat – your speaker portfolio. If crafted right, your speaker portfolio can be the golden key that unlocks more opportunities […]

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