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Mastering Proposal Follow-ups

Mastering Proposal Follow-ups: The Gentle Art of Persistence

Let’s talk about a scenario that might sound all too familiar to you. You’ve crafted a killer proposal, you’ve sent it off with a hopeful heart, and then… crickets. You’re met with silence that seems to stretch on for eternity. Frustrating, isn’t it? Well, that’s where mastering proposal follow-ups comes into play. But here’s the […]

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First speaking gig

5 Unconventional Ways to Find Your First Speaking Gig

Stepping onto the stage for the first time, the crowd hanging on your every word, the applause echoing in your ears…it’s an exhilarating experience that many aspire to. But as many budding speakers discover, landing that first speaking gig can be a steep mountain to climb. You might feel like a small fish in a […]

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Free to Fee: How to Start Getting Paid as a Speaker

Free to Fee: How to Start Getting Paid as a Speaker

If you’re speaking your heart out, giving it your all, and spreading your message far and wide – all for free – this one’s for you. If you’re currently earning nothing from your speaking, or if you’re earning very little, and you feel that you deserve to start getting paid as a speaker, today’s training […]

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Speakers boost linkedin

Boost Your LinkedIn Profile in 10 Minutes for More Speaking Gigs

As a speaker, you’re probably no stranger to LinkedIn. It’s our go-to platform for professional networking, and I’m sure many of you have built a decent presence there. But are you leveraging this tool as effectively as you could be to get more speaking gigs? “Wait, LinkedIn can do that?” you may be wondering. Yes, […]

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