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The Biggest Misconceptions Regarding Niching Down DEBUNKED

The Biggest Misconceptions Regarding Niching Down DEBUNKED  Niching Down DEBUNKED One of the most critical tasks for speakers early in their career is defining their niche and then going even further to focus their message even more. I constantly explain to the speakers I work with that you need to niche down, focus your message, […]

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Getting Testimonials – the Right Way and Right Away

As a speaker trying to grow your business, testimonials are absolutely vital. Not only do they represent one of the best ways to market yourself as a speaker, but they also help to build your credibility and authority in your chosen niche.  But how do you get them, and where are the best places to […]

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How to Dress for Speaking Success

I’ve been telling my speakers for years that first impressions count. The problem is, you’ve only got around seven seconds before audience members have made a snap judgment that is pretty hard to shake even after they get to know you better.  That’s why what you wear is SO important as a speaker. Dressing for […]

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