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How to Craft Your Compelling Speaker Backstory in 30 Minutes

How to Craft Your Compelling Speaker Backstory in 30 Minutes

Want to know the secret sauce to captivating your audience from the get-go? It’s all about your speaker backstory – the tale of how you became the incredible speaker you are today.  It’s a key tool in getting your audience (either online or in-person) to relate to you on a human level. And the best […]

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11 Key Elements to a Successful Speaker Website

Want to have a website that makes a planner say, “Wow, this speaker is amazing!”? Your website is like your online home where people can learn all about you and what you do. Let’s explore the key things you need to make your speaker website awesome! 11 Key Elements to a Successful Speaker Website 1. […]

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Mastering Proposal Follow-ups

Mastering Proposal Follow-ups: The Gentle Art of Persistence

Let’s talk about a scenario that might sound all too familiar to you. You’ve crafted a killer proposal, you’ve sent it off with a hopeful heart, and then… crickets. You’re met with silence that seems to stretch on for eternity. Frustrating, isn’t it? Well, that’s where mastering proposal follow-ups comes into play. But here’s the […]

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signature talks

What Everybody Should Know About Signature Talks

Signature talks are the bedrock upon which you should build your speaking business. In fact, without them, you have no real business. That’s why it’s so crucial to get them right. What everybody ought to know about signature talks is not only to be able to perform them at the drop of a hat, but you […]

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