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The Charli Jane Speakers Club is OPEN to new members for 6 days only! Doors swing shut July 19th. We only open a few times a year!

Charli Jane Speakers Club Exit Survey

We are so sorry to see you go! If there is anything I can do to change your mind, explain or help you make progress using the tools and resources we provide please reach out before cancelling. You can reach me at – Wendi

Just a reminder: You are grandfathered in at your current awesome member rate! If you cancel and come back you will be subject to the current member rate at the time you join us again (per our T&P). We do increase our rates several times a year.

Please submit your cancellation request 48 hours prior to your billing date of renewal. If we are not notified of the cancellation via email or by phone/text 48 hours before your billing date the charge will not be refunded. It is the speaker member’s responsibility to keep track of their billing dates.(see T&P)

PLEASE NOTE: Submitting this form will result in IMMEDIATE CANCELLATION of your Charli Jane Speakers Club account. This means you will be removed from the Speaking leads database, your profile page will be removed from the speakers directory and the Facebook group and all other club benefits will be stopped immediately.