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Hi There … Wendi Here!

I’m the founder and owner of Charli Jane Speakers established in 2002.

We are currently closed to new members but will be opening soon!

Just imagine… having a booked speaking schedule, creating change and increasing your revenue year after year! You can do ALL this inside the club!

I can’t wait to welcome you!

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Charli Jane Member Marietta Gentles Crawford, branding strategist, writer, author and speaker.

Charli Jane Member Traci Brown, Body Language Expert, Keynote Speaker and Champion Athlete  

Charli Jane Member Kevin McNulty, Speaker, Blogger, Personal Development Coach and Author.

Charli Jane Member Drew Stevens, speaker, author and selling professional.

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Charli Jane Member Shanna Kabatznick, Speaker and CEO of Fabwomen

Charli Jane Speakers
Charli Jane Speakers
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Charli Jane Speakers Club

“I’ve booked 5 speaking gigs this year using the speaking leads in the club. Three are paid and the other two I’ve gotten consulting clients from.”  

– Daryl Fletcher, Speaker, Relationship Expert

“My speaking fee for this presentation alone will justify my Charli Jane membership for many years to come. I just booked a gig for the ISPA.”  

-David Avrin – The Visibility Coach