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Coralee Beatty - Grow Your Speaking Business

Coralee Beatty

Business Consultant & Keynote Speaker

Coralee Beatty

“I help women in trades & construction build a business for greater profitability, flexibility & freedom.”

Travels From: Vancouver, BC Canada and Virtual

Coralee Beatty

About Coralee Beatty

After 25 years in the construction industry, and successfully selling her trades business, Coralee is now a consultant, speaker and trainer in trades and construction. She shares her knowledge, experience and expertise with other women in trades and construction to build their business for greater profitability, flexibility and freedom. Coralee also offers fractional COO services, helping construction companies from the inside. Using the concepts from her book “Hiring Secrets for Trades and Construction, The Ultimate Guide to Finding, Hiring and Retaining Top Talent”, Coralee helps construction companies strengthen their leadership and build a top-quality company culture where people are engaged and productive.

Coralee and has been featured on many podcasts and other association stages where she shares her wide experience and the vast opportunities available in the construction industry, in hopes to encourage more women (and men) to enter the industry for a rewarding career.


Topics: Leadership, Company Culture, Construction Industry

Transforming Leadership in Construction: Meeting the Demands of a Changing Industry

Finding qualified people is the biggest challenge in the construction industry today. We need strong, positive leadership to change the reputation of the construction industry and welcome the next generation of workers. The construction industry has had a long history of poor leadership, the needs of the people have changed and the industry needs to follow suit. Our leaders are the start to the changes we need to see to attract the next generation of workers.

Why Culture Matters: Thrive With Your Dream Team or Die Alone

Every organization has a culture, however, does that culture contribute to achieving business goals, or does it hinder? Having a good culture is vital to your organization because it shapes your corporate identity and therefore your growth, paving the way for success and a lasting legacy. Your culture is the formula, the DNA that provides guidelines, boundaries and expectations for your team and your customers, and is the primary platform to inspiring and motivating your people. Are you leveraging it fully?


"Coralee's presentation surrounding leadership in trades and construction really struck chords with our members. Word got out about how impactful and inspiring it was, resulting in new members! It was truly an honor hosting her."




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