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Elementor #30341 - Grow Your Speaking Business

Elementor #30341

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I have been helping speakers for two decades, launch a their speaking businesses and get on more stages. If you don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place! Let’s do this!

Launch Your Speaking Business LAB

This is my foundational 3-step blueprint that is designed for entrepreneurs who have an idea that they want to start a speaking business but don’t know where to start. It’s also a good fit if you have started, hit a wall and got stuck.

If you’re ready to move from having just an idea to getting on the stage you’re in the right place!

Launch your speaking business
Charli Jane Speakers Club

Charli Jane Speakers Club

This is my signature Charli Jane Speakers Club and was established in 2005 and is for speakers who have established themselves. They have a website, marketing material, social presence, and are marketable. This is a recurring month to month club that provides members with 5,200 to 10,400 speaking opportunities a year! If you’re ready to get on more stages you’re in the right place!

Charli Jane Speakers Club

Implement Mastermind

The Implementation Mastermind is the highest level of support you can get from me and like-minded entrepreneurs. It’s a coaching and mastermind component combined. This mastermind is for students that have gone through the Launch Your Speaking Business LAB or are currently in the Charli Jane Speakers Club. If you have already started growing your speaking business and want to monetize, scale and implement this is the place for you! This mastermind is selective, small and by application only. (Currently the door is closed)