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Professional Speaker

Travels From: San Diego, CA

Topics: Productivity

Things I can't live without: Books, Sunshine, Laughter

My favorite piece of advice: "Enjoy every sandwich" - Warren Zevon

Describe yourself in one word: Fierce

Things I love: My husband, helping people, laughing, the smell of freshly cut grass, my life

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Have a drink with Bill Murray

I help entrepreneurs recover their productivity so they can become the Action Hero of their own lives.

Ellen Goodwin
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About Ellen Goodwin

Ellen Goodwin is a sought-after TEDx speaker, coach, and productivity trainer who inspires digital entrepreneurs to cut the BS, turbo-charge their results and become the action hero of their business and life!  

No stranger to the entrepreneurial roller coaster, she nearly fired herself from her own graphic design business after procrastination, uninspiring projects and playing way too many computer games almost shut it down. Something had to change. And fast.  

So, like any good Action Hero, she pulled herself up by the bootstraps and dove headfirst into the world of neuroscience to understand the brain’s natural triggers and signals related to productivity and focus. Through trial and error, she took what she learned, coupled with 20+ years of experience as a business owner, and transformed her life and livelihood in record time. And has made it her mission to help others do the same. Today she is founder and CEO of EllenGoodwin.com, where she empowers other entrepreneurs to create the business and life they’ve always imagined.  

Her dynamic, content-rich programs are packed with energy, humor, and practical tools your audience can use immediately. She has a special knack for ensuring that they leave your event clear on how to apply the insights and clarity they found and put a simple plan in place to implement when they return to the “real world.” This is invaluable for any organization!  

Ellen is the co-host of "The Faster, Easier, Better Show” podcast and is currently working on her upcoming book, How to Be the Action Hero of Your Own Life.


Empowers Entrepreneurs



Be The Action Hero of Your Own Life How would you like to be the Action Hero of Your Own Life? An Action Hero who has the power to overcome procrastination, build stronger habits, and be more focused so you can be more efficient and effective in your life and business?  

In this interactive, content-rich presentation, Ellen will serve as your resident Action Instigator and take you from being overwhelmed to being the unstoppable Action Hero of Your Own Life!  

Action Takeaways: • Which of the four types of procrastination are killing your mojo and what you can do about it right now. • The no-fail strategy to get off the mental hamster wheel and finally get going on that dream you keep putting off. • The mind-bogglingly simple secret weapon to get more done in less time. • How to put your oxygen mask on first (yes it’s possible!) so you can truly be there for the people and things you love (minus the guilt and resentment) • The step-by-step formula to clarify your goals, identify your next steps, and create a plan you will actually follow! What seemed impossible now becomes achievable and finally accomplished!  

Get Out of Your Own D*mn Way It’s easy to confuse our “to do” with “I have to,” which is what sucks the fun out of our day-to-day. When our subconscious is filled with dissatisfaction, we become distracted and feel paralyzed to step out of our comfort zone. And that leaves us stuck in a maze of procrastination.  

By understanding the science behind our brain, and working with our triggers rather than against them, we can enter into “the flow” of productivity and achievement. Ellen will show you the path to everything you want (and everything you want is just outside your comfort zone).  

Lessons Learned: • The five brain-based solutions that can change your life (really) • The #1 trick to eliminating self-sabotage • The science behind setting goals • How to achieve goals faster and with less effort  


 “Your TEDx talk was outstanding! You have great energy and delivery, and your talk really touched on universal points that we all can understand.” 

- Ari M., Investigator  

“Thank you for your talk this week. My staff and I walked away, energized and enthused! We are now all striving to be ‘In Action.’” 

- Tricia C., Entrepreneur  

“Ellen really engaged the group and kept our interest! Her time went by much too fast. By far, one of our best speakers. She gave us good information to take with us and specific actions we could implement immediately.” 

- Cynthia B., Sales Director  

Ellen Goodwin

Ellen Goodwin is a sought-after TEDx speaker, coach, and productivity trainer who inspires digital entrepreneurs to cut the BS, turbo-charge their results and become the action hero of their business and life!