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Email template for you

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First ...

Hi there… Wendi here, founder of Charli Jane Speakers.

Thank you for grabbing our Speaker Email Template!

Your Email template (with some great tips on using it!) is available for download below.

You now have access to the speaker proposal email template, the speaker proposals, one-sheet templates and a speaking lead tracker so you can crank out proposals!

Next ... Find speaking opportunities so you can use the tools and templates I have provided.

I know it’s not easy.  I know you’re busy.  

I know you would like to do other things, like create products, or online courses to supplement your speaking gigs.

So let me make this so easy for you, a no-brainer


What if there were just ONE place to go where you could find hundreds of NEW speaking opportunities every month? 

The Charli Jane Speakers club, since 2005 lists 400-800 + new speaking gigs every month. 

That’s 5,200 – 10,400 a YEAR! 

I guarantee it’s a lot less work to just look in one place to browse speaking opportunities and shoot off emails to land gigs.

The VIP level of the club is currently closed to new members, and we only open it a few times a year. 

BUT…. as a valued follower of Charli Jane Speakers, you can get access to the Leads + The Booked Solid Success Path level. 

No Bells and Whistles. JUST THE JUICY STUFF!

What is the Speaking Leads + Booked Solid Success Path Level?

It’s access to our weekly speaking opportunities plus Wendi’s proven Booked Solid Success Path Program.

This option is not marketed on our website and the only way to access the Charli Jane Speakers Club Leads and BSSP option is here.

Happy Proposal Submitting!

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