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Email Template - Grow Your Speaking Business

Email Template

Incredibly Classy Attention-Grabbing Email Template

First, Congrats on getting your SPG (Speaker Proposal Generator)

I know you can’t wait to get booked… I know you’re excited!

Are you about to send your perfect Speaker Proposal…by email?

Can you even get them to open it?

What do you say?  How do you format the email?

Don’t let all your hard work go down the drain.

How would you like a powerful, FREE, tool to increase your open rate when you send your speaker proposal by email?

I know you can’t wait to get booked… I know you’re excited!

We are excited for you!

While you wait for the Speaker Proposal Generator link to arrive in your inbox, let’s talk just for a second.

You’re about to create the perfect proposal.

You have to send it, right?

Perhaps a few venues or agents want them printed and mailed.  But most are going to request them by email.

You need to stand out!

Pssst… here’s a tip: don’t send an attachment unless they request it or expect it.


This is a direct path to the trash can. So, let’s not go there.

You need to craft a stunning email*!

*or letter if sending snail mail

Don’t bother searching Google — I’ve got the secret right here

Where the SPG (Speaker Proposal Generator) saves you hours and days of sweating bullets over your proposal content…

…our shortcut Email Template grab their attention so they read it!

Don’t agonize over the emails…let’s get you booked!

Every minute spent writing an email is time for another speaker to get your slot!

Get that proposal sent!

  • Get in the door before hundreds of competitors blow up their inbox.
  • Craft emails… that won’t land in the delete folder!
  • Catch their eye in a split second.
  • Stand Out in a crowd.

< >

Excited to send your proposal? Don’t rush the email!

If you rush and put together a crappy email (excuse my language) in haste, forget to double check it, don’t deliberately craft it…

…or neglect it because the proposal is so perfect it should shine on its own!


Everything needs to be perfect.

You need the planner to like and connect with you.

Your email is their FIRST IMPRESSION.

The goal is to convince them to open the proposal.

Simple as that.

Crappy emails get no responses.

I’ve done it — rushed when creating an email.

And as soon I hit send, I realize the mistake I’ve made.

Panic hits — but it’s too late.

Oh, Crap!

You can’t edit.  You can’t delete.  It’s gone.

Don’t give in to Senders Remorse!

Opps! Right?

You know there’s an easier way to send out these emails!

Easy peasy…

No worries, I got YOU covered!

I crafted the perfect email for you!

My name is Wendi and I’ve been running a Speaker services company since 2002.

It makes sense that someone who helps speakers book gigs ALL DAY knows what you need to do, right?

You will have an awesome speaker proposal in your hand.

And, how did you do that? With my Speaker Proposal Generator.

I craft emails to planners all the time…that’s just what I do!

And I’m going to share with you the same templates that I use with my clients.

Templates that are known to be successful at getting event planner’s attention.

We will get you BOOKED.

Let’s do this!

Are you thinking you’ll have to drain all your accounts to get the email template?

Nope, I’m not that mean and I really do want to help you

Get it right… and get booked!

You get my BEST hand-crafted email to help get you through the gate.

Just copy them and tweak them to fit your niche topic.

So, how much is it going to cost you…?

You can have the email template for just…drum roll please!

$5 bucks.

Yep, thats it. Tiny price tag for a HUGE return.

No catch, no gimmicks, just a proven email template optimized to help you get results.

The first step to getting noticed: get them to open your email.

Then get them to read your proposal.  One step at a time.

Your speaking proposal will take over and land you the gig!

So, are you in?

< >

Oh! One last thing: I’m losing my shirt on this offer.  So the $5 buck deal is only good for 2 days!

After that my email templates go up to $39.95

You don’t want to miss this deal to get such an amazing tool for less than a grande of Starbucks coffee.

Here is the link again >

Get going and …

Get booked!