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Featured Charli Jane Expert: Lou Macaluso - Grow Your Speaking Business

Featured Charli Jane Expert: Lou Macaluso

"Lou Macaluso"

Lou Macaluso Motivational speaker, Death Phobia and Baby Boomer expert and author of Clown Town

After 33 years of teaching English, coaching athletics and forensics, participating in triathlons and serving as a union president, Lou speaks publicly on his expertise, Those Death Defying Baby Boomers! And No Teachers Left Behind along with other motivational topics.

Lou is also the author of Clown Town, a true story/social Chicago history of a baby boomer’s struggle with death phobia filtered through a child’s perspective. Profits from his book go to The American Cancer Society.

Lou also holds a B.S. in Journalism, an M.A. in Education and a CSA in Curriculum.  He is an active member of the Chicago Writers’ Association and the Italian American Writers’ Association inNew York.

Lou speaks to teachers, business organizations, various clubs, and service groups on life inspiring topics such as Those Death Defying Baby Boomers and No Teacher Left Behind. His energy and humor spark enthusiasm with any crowd.

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