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Speaking gigs

4-Step Path To Converting Leads To Speaking Gigs!

Follow My repeatable 4-step path and I will have you on your way to converting leads to speaking gigs!

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My name is Wendi McNeill, Founder of Charli Jane Speakers.® I help speakers get on more stages and build a business of their dreams since 2002. I’m thrilled to help you get on more stages. 

The Path To Success

The Booked Speaking Gigs course is a hands on course. You have to do the work to get the results you desire. I can show you how to get there and how to do it but you have to do the work

If you struggle to find leads and convert them into booked speaking gigs, you're in the right place!

Here Is What You Get In This Course

speaker training videos

Wendi’s speaker training program includes 4 in-depth video modules that walk you through her proven process for getting booked solid as a speaker. 

To ensure you can immediately apply what you learn, each video training also includes a detailed playbook that summarizes Wendi’s step-by-step strategies. Checklists, transcripts, and audio versions are also provided so you can consume the training in the most convenient way.

By following Wendi’s repeatable framework, you’ll be equipped to start booking consistent speaking engagements

success tracker for speakers

In addition to the 4 video modules, Wendi’s Get Booked Gigs training includes a detailed playbook spreadsheet tracker that complements the video content. This supplemental tracker aligns with the training’s four-phase framework in separate tabs – crafting your signature talk, self-marketing, booking gigs, and delivering winning speeches.

Having this comprehensive spreadsheet tracker allows you to actively apply Wendi’s proven path as you build your bookings. You can reference it anytime to see what step comes next in your journey and ensure you are making progress.

With both the in-depth training videos and this valuable spreadsheet tracker playbook, you’ll have a complete system to get booked as a paid speaker.

Speaker gig training

Find Speaking Gigs Training Workshop. In addition to the core 4-module speaker training program, Wendi also provides an invaluable bonus module focused specifically on finding the right speaking gigs.

This bonus training includes a comprehensive video where Wendi shares her proven step-by-step process for identifying and securing relevant paid speaking engagements. She reveals insider tips on networking, pitching, getting referrals, and more.

Having this bonus module on booking speaking gigs will help you immediately put Wendi’s framework into practice.

This gig-booking bonus content ensures you have the full, proven framework.

speaker templates

 Speaker Template Bundle to further support your success. This comprehensive toolkit provides 30 done-for-you templates covering every aspect of your speaking business.

Having these professionally crafted templates at your fingertips saves tremendous time and effort as you implement Wendi’s proven framework. 

With the Speaker Template Bundle, you simply plug in your details and the templates help you look polished and professional.

This all-in-one toolkit, combined with the core training curriculum, equip you with absolutely everything you need to streamline your path to a booked speaking schedule. An end-to-end system with total support.


The speaker training program provides the invaluable benefit of direct access to Wendi herself for guidance and assistance. Through Voxer messaging, you can connect with Wendi via voice notes or text for up to one full year after purchasing the course.

Having this long-term support period is incredibly impactful. As you work through implementing Wendi’s proven framework, you’ll likely have questions, need clarification, or want to run ideas by her. With Voxer, you’ll be able to get personalized advice and resources straight from Wendi.

Being able to message her over the course of a year ensures you can fully benefit from her knowledge and maximize the value of the program. Whether you need help crafting your pitch, want feedback on your website, or have a roadblock getting gigs, Wendi will be there to provide coaching and keep you on the path to success.

The Booked Speaking Gigs Course

This is a proven and repeatable
4-step path. I teach you exactly how you can find speaking leads and convert them into speaking gigs.
Speaking opportunities

The Booked Speaking Gigs Course is everything you need to successfully know where to find speaking leads and convert them into booked speaking gigs!

Get booked
Get booked gigs

You're In The Right Place!

The Get Booked Speaking Gigs Course!

Usually $197 , but today is only $97

“Getting feedback from Wendi has been a game changer for me to better manage speaking/workshop opportunities. She is great at letting you know how to handle tough conversations as well as advising on key questions every speaker should ask and consider when evaluating opportunities. Wendi is responsive, genuine, and truly invested in helping her members succeed!” 
Marietta Gentles Crawford
Marietta Gentles Crawford
“Wendi can be counted on for precision, professionalism, and being on point. When I started working with Wendi I felt like I was caught in a maze, filled with overwhelm, and I simply wasn’t sure which actions to take first in regards to growing my business as a speaker. She gave me an easy plan to build my platform. Thanks, Wendi. I look forward to working with you for a long time.”
Brenda Adelman
Professional Speaker, Actress, Coach, Workshop Leader and Consultant

When you do the work and stay committed results can be extraordinary!

Wendi McNeill

Are you frustrated, going in circles, spending hard-earned dollars and only ending back at square one, disheartened, confused as to where to find speaking leads and how to convert them into booked speaking gigs?  

The Get Booked Speaking Gigs Course and Wendi can help you.  

She is the Founder & Owner of Charli Jane Speakers®, where she’s been helping Speakers succeed at building their businesses since 2002.  

She’s been coaching & helping speakers start and grow their businesses for almost two decades using the same strategies she’s used in her own sustainable and successful business.  

Wendi is an expert and an insider, a creative online marketer, who has a passion for helping people like you get your dreams off the ground so you can get your business launched into reality – and oh, get paid while doing what you love!  If you want to learn more about Wendi and her “why” read her story here.