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How Speakers Can Use Facebook to Grow Their Business - Grow Your Speaking Business

How Speakers Can Use Facebook to Grow Their Business

How Speakers Can Use Facebook to Grow their Business

Facebook is as ubiquitous as any product or service gets. In their latest figures released in April 2020, the social media powerhouse revealed that they have an average of 1.73 billion daily active users. That figure represents just under a quarter of the entire world population logging in to use the platform in some way every single day.

Those astonishing figures should wake you up to the fact that if you’re not active on this platform, you’re getting left behind by the speakers that are.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can use the most popular social media network in the world to secure more speaking opportunities.

1. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is an excellent tool for speakers in particular because it gives you the same rush of adrenaline as standing up and talking to the audience, through your phone or laptop.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, virtual speaking opportunities are growing in popularity regardless of how long COVID-19 continues to dominate our lives. Therefore, it makes sense to become comfortable with performing in front of a camera attached to either your phone or laptop.

Better yet, if you’ve set up a Facebook page for your business, everyone who has liked your page will get a notification to say you’ve gone live. Considering that posts on your Facebook business page will only appear in a fraction of your fans’ news feeds, it’s a perfect way to reach more of those individuals that are already interested in hiring you.

2. Facebook Stories

By posting regular stories, you can gain a similar level of exposure. “How?” you ask. Stories are displayed at the top of every news feed of your friends and fans of your page. That’s right; they appear before even the first post of a user’s friends or family.

Their positioning gives you another excellent opportunity to get more eyeballs on your valuable content.

Whether you’re offering expertise and insight into the current goings-on in your industry, or you’re documenting your daily routine, you are keeping your image and speaking brand front and center of peoples’ minds.

3. Facebook Ads

There is perhaps no better advertising medium than Facebook Ads. Remember all those users mentioned in the introduction? Well, Facebook has extensive data on every single one of them, including you.

As the Cambridge Analytica scandal unveiled, Facebook knows everything about us. The platform knows how much we earn, how we like to spend our money, the last website we visited, where we like to eat, what our hobbies are, and the list goes on. You name it, they probably know it.

What does that mean for your speaking business?

It means laser-focused targeting. This isn’t a billboard or a TV spot. You can dedicate every single cent of Facebook Ad spend to people that are already interested in what you have to offer.

This is precisely why Facebook Ads are so affordable compared to other advertising mediums. No other method can secure you a repeat speaking client for the cost of just a few dollars. Even twenty bucks can get your speaking company in front of thousands of eyeballs. Which alternative advertising method can offer that?

4. Facebook Groups

Last, but by no means least, are Facebook Groups. These can be a fantastic tool for reaching an audience beyond the boundaries of your business page or personal friends.

It’s something we’ve learned ourselves with our fantastic “Grow your Speaking Biz” Facebook group. Not only can groups provide an excellent virtual networking opportunity, but they can become places to learn more about your craft and develop your skills.

You can join existing groups that are likely to help your speaking business (such as local business and community groups), or you can start your own to offer expertise to those interested in your field.

Doing the latter helps you to build both authority and credibility, whereas the former gives you the chance to potentially secure extra bookings.

Almost Everyone Uses Facebook, So Use That to Your Advantage

How Speakers Can Use Facebook to Grow Their Business

We all use Facebook, and while some may use it more than others, Millennials use Facebook more than any other generational age group. Why is that significant? Those in managerial and decision-making positions are overwhelmingly from that cohort.

In other words, over the next few years, it will be Millennial clients you’re trying to close for speaking opportunities as they’ll be ones in charge of budgets. That trend is only set to accelerate as they age through the workforce.

By becoming comfortable with marketing on Facebook now, you can get ahead of those speakers who shun the platform for other marketing methods.

Extra Tips

• When posting Facebook Lives, target your broadcasts for times when your Facebook fans will be at home for maximum viewership.

• When allowed entry into a group, do not spam it with your speaking services. You’ll either be removed or annoy every other member.

• If you’re not confident with Facebook Live, record yourself speaking on the fly first to become comfortable speaking without an audience.

• Win the hearts and minds of fellow Facebook Group members by offering genuinely useful and actionable advice.

Don’t forget to join our awesome (and free!) “Grow your Speaking Biz” Facebook group, which is full of more helpful tips and advice.