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Incredible Instagram marketing for public speakers - Grow Your Speaking Business

Incredible Instagram marketing for public speakers

Top 2 things to do

Did you know about Instagram? InstagramFirst be sure and follow me on Instagram — > 

You will be excited to know  about the below mentioned facts about Instagram and will be prepared to make out a plan to use this incredible marketing platform for building up your customer base.

  •      Over 55 million photos are uploaded everyday on Instagram
  •      Around 86 million comments are being posted everyday
  •      Over 691 million customers or users like photos on Instagram feeds

If you are a public speaker or run a speaking business, and thinking to expand your customer base and clients, then Instagram is the perfect solution.

First step

This is the first and foremost step. So pay great attention to detail in creating your brand or organization on Instagram. You need to add a small biography if you are an individual or a short description if you represent a brand or a company. Upload a fantastic profile picture and update information about your website.


The use of a profile picture and website keeps you unique. Over a period, people start recognizing your brand or organization based on the profile picture. Therefore, try to make it unique and easy for people to remember the same. You need to create a perfect biography, which includes hash tags that allows people to share similar content that is appropriate to your speaking business, so you get to know what is happening around you. Remember Instagram allows you to type in 200 characters to tell the world who you are and what you do. So make the most out of it. The URL, which you will update in Instagram specifically, needs to be designed for a mobile view or at least optimized for it, as most users will be using Instagram on their mobile.

Second step

The second step after setting up the basics for your profile is to do effective marketing for your business on Instagram. The content you put for your posts should be compelling enough for the audience to check it out and understand you or your company. This simple idea will make the post viral and organic. I personally like sharing pictures of fun things, family, spur-of-the-moment snapshots, etc as this connects me to the people who I want to connect with, it brings my Charli Jane Speakers brand to a whole new level… a personal level in which I strive for. Try to follow the below simple actions:

1)     Create a content that is specific to your brand or rather brand-centric

2)     Motivational and inspirational quotes (for kindling emotional factors)

3)     Try updating content that you have taken “Behind the scenes” (this induces people to share the news)

4)    Upload fun images that are fun and unique, this lets your viewers know you are a “real” person behind that brand


In today’s context, people are looking for more transparency. So try uploading content or pictures that you have taken recently in your speaking session. Capture moments that you enjoyed most and that were taken offline. You need to share inspirational quotes so that it resonates your audience and creates more likes and shares for your content, thereby making your brand more visible to everyone.

General tips

  • You need to try creating a contest to engage the audience
  • Try using hashtags
  • Visuals speak a lot. So provide a “call to action” sequence
  • Update on your speech and training calendar and keep your customers involved