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Interview with experts transcripts - Grow Your Speaking Business

Interview with experts transcripts

Interviews with 17 experts — transcript series

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The speaking industry is like no other. Speaking professionals are an exceptional group of people, very talented, giving and compassionate. Pros in the speaking industry have always been very willing and generous in sharing their inside success secrets and valuable information to help their industry colleagues (and sometimes competitors) learn, grow and become successful!

Charli Jane’s interview transcripts with 23 leaders in the public speaking arena include high content information that is extremely valuable and graciously shared by your industry professionals who have been there … done that …and learned through trial and error and they KNOW what works and what doesn’t work!

You will learn the How to’s, the Do’s and Don’ts of the speaking business from speakers who have been in the business as little as a few years to twenty years. Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned speaker you will benefit significantly from listening to other speaking professionals who have successfully started their speaking business and continue to grow by leaps and bounds! By listening to our experts advice, tips and strategies you can cut your learning process in half and save time, money and energy.

Learn techniques and strategies that can help you grow your speaking business today! Professional speakers share:

  • Tips
  • Resources
  • Strategies
  • Inside secrets
  • How they promote themselves
  • Their most effective marketing techniques
  • Their best advice to new and seasoned speakers
  • How and when they started their speaking career … and much more!

Learn success secrets from the pros who help solve your biggest challenges in growing your speaking business.

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