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Is your ebook gathering dust - Grow Your Speaking Business

Is your ebook gathering dust


Okay so you’ve written an ebook, now what? So many have written an ebook for it to only sit idle in their online shop and as time goes by the ebook still sits and you still make absolutely no profits! Below are a few ways for you to be creative and make your ebook come alive and start increasing your profits and product line.

  • If you already have an ebook have it recorded into an audio product, add it to your site, blog or even consider making a video ecourse from it or a membership site.
  • Upload it to Amazon Kindle, Smashwords and other sites.
  • You may also want to think about giving away a little clip of the audio book to your web visitors to entice them to sign up with you.
  • If you’re an Ebay member you can sell your ebook CD on there as well.
  • Bring ebook CD’s  (both data & audio) to your speaking engagements, package nicely and sell for a healthy profit.
  • Giveaway your ebook to funnel new sign ups into a coaching program, courses or a membership site.
  • Turn your ebook into a workshop
  • Offer a hard copy version
  • Create a workbook or worksheets to go along with your ebook
  • Create a companion coaching program to compliment your ebook
  • Create a book video and get a viral marketing campaign going, visit 
  • Turn your ebook into a regular online ecourse both print and audio
  • Turn your ebook into several special reports with one of them being a giveaway on your website in exchange for your visitors email and name.
  • Giveaway your ebook to a large website with your target audience
  • Offer a discount to another service or product when your customer purchases your ebook.
  • Turn your ebook into a series of teleclasses then offer your teleclass via transcript, Mp3 and on CD
  • Little tip for article writers: If you have an ebook then you should have content for articles for quite some time. Break it up and create many articles from it and start getting them submitted online!
  • Break up your ebook for blog posts.
  • Use the content chunks for social media posting to include Facebook ,Twitter, Linked In, Google and more
  • Create picture images with quotes from your ebook and add to Instagram

Remember to continue to market your ebook and all your products, they can’t just be thrown into your online shop. Add them to your signature line in your emails, post it on your blog, mention it in your ezine, send out press releases, use free teleclasses to promote your products and services, partner with other website and blog owners, add it to all all your marketing material (business cards, one-sheets, flyers, etc.) create a viral marketing campaign with a video and yes you can do a book video even if it’s only an ebook. There are so many ways to market your ebook and other products but it needs to be done on a consistent basis.

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