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Kim Kane - Grow Your Speaking Business

Kim Kane

Professional Speaker and Author

Kim Kane

“I help women experience transition with confidence and humor.”

Travels From: Lives in Minneapolis and will also provides Virtual Events

Kim Kane

About Kim Kane

Kim is an award-winning author, speaker and pod-caster who delights in lifting others up!

Her speaking topics include stress reduction, mindfulness practices, and most recently, women, aging and living in gratitude.

Kim is the author of Sparkle On…Women Aging in Gratitude. In addition, she has written for a variety of magazines and news articles. Kim is the host of the podcast: Oatmeal, Pearls and Bourbon; a podcast on healthy living, pearls of wisdom and a toast to life for ‘women of a certain age!’

Her mix of stories, both humorous and tender-hearted, help to create the sense that you are in her living room having a personal conversation over a cup of coffee, or more often than not, a glass of wine.

In addition to her speaking, writing and pod-casting, she is a Transitional Life Coach; helping women to navigate through transitional times as they age.

Her website: and Facebook Group: 50+ And Fabulous are both filled with space for community, resources and fun for women aged 50+. All represent her belief it is never too late to do and to be whatever it is you desire!


Topics: Aging and Gratitude, The Power of Kindness, Leadership, and Resiliency

How to get your spark on

This presentation is designed for those who are asking the questions: What’s next, what excites me and how do I use my strengths to move me forward?

How To Get Your Spark On! is filled with thought provoking questions for each audience member who may be looking for a new challenge, entering into a life transition, or perhaps find themselves having to make a life-impacting decision.

Audience members will leave with information on:
*Tips and strategies for getting our Spark On!
*Use of visioning and effective ways to set our intentions
*How what we believe plays an important role in what happens to us

Living Life In Gratitude As We Age

This presentation will have antidotes from everyday life; showcasing even in aging we find joy, laughter and reflection. Topics range from changes in bodies as we age (hello chin hair!), how to focus on strengths and abilities from an aging perspective in a society that markets ‘anti-aging’, and the importance of feeling relevant. The messages are centered on believing it is never too late to be and do what it is you want to!

Audience members will leave with information and action steps relating to:
*Changes we experience as we age are just that…changes. They do not have to be given a value of good or bad.
*It is never too late to fulfill our dreams and goals. The only thing holding us back is ourselves.
*The important role Gratitude plays in everyday life.

Living Life In Tandem With Gratitude

This presentation captures real life experiences and applies the principles of seeing it all through the lens of gratitude.
Many of us face adversity and struggles…just as we face excitement and joy. Using gratitude as a common denominator, we can create less of what we do not want, and more of what we do!

To help create a life of gratitude, audience members will walk away with:
*A personal definition of Gratitude
*Examples of ways to stay in Gratitude
*How to carry the message in every day experiences
*A clear sense of not being tied to experiences having to be defined as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’


"Kim Kane is a talented and skilled speaker and facilitator who knows how to inspire all who attend. She uses story-telling and humor to create a comfortable space to learn and reflect. After listening to Kim, I left feeling uplifted and a feeling of I've got this!" -Susan Munson, Land O'Lakes, Inc.




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