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Live Bold and Bloom Thank you! - Grow Your Speaking Business

Live Bold and Bloom Thank you!

Live Bold & Bloom Women's Speaker Club!

Charli Jane Speakers

Hi there! Wendi here from Charli Jane Speakers!

Welcome, and thank you for joining the LBB Community as a founding member, I’m so excited to help you grow your speaking business!

Please check your inbox for regular updates.

Here is the link to request to join our Facebook community but please remember we do not officially re-open until September 20, 2022. 

Feel free to post and ask questions as we gear up for the re-open launch. Also we would love to meet you so introduce yourself and say “hi” 🙂 

Just a little teaser of what's ahead ...

I will ask you what you want to learn, your challenges, struggles, roadblocks and I will help you.

I won’t only TELL you I will SHOW you.

Don’t worry though because I won’t only be relying on you to tell me, we will work together as a community.

I have worked with Speakers and Planners for almost 2 decades in helping them grow their business and achieve a booked speaking schedule. I will be teaching you techniques and strategies that you can easily implement in your business. These are small doable steps. 

Please remember this is not an overnight adventure but a journey.

Also, we will have a new guest each month come on and help you move forward in your speaking business, give you some motivation and encouragement.

I’m excited to see where our ladies community will go and I’m hoping to help you get in front of the people who need to hear your message so you can change lives!

Thank you for joining and trusting me to help you grow!

Keep Inspiring Ladies!

Wendi xo


One more exciting thing you will want to do before we start ...

To get voice notifications from Wendi so you don’t miss out on anything please join our private telegram channel called Live Bold & Bloom.
The link is private and only LBB members can use this.
Here is how you can get the Telegram app and get connected today.
  1. Download the Telegram Messenger App on your mobile device 
  2. Click the button to join the Live Bold & Bloom channel

Please note: You will need to download the app and create an account first. Once that is done come back here and click the link below to open our channel.

Please note both the monthly and yearly options are a recurring subscription to the club.