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Live Bold & Bloom Welcome! - Grow Your Speaking Business

Live Bold & Bloom Welcome!

Live Bold & Bloom Women's Speaker Club!

Charli Jane Speakers

Hi there! Wendi here from Charli Jane Speakers!

Welcome! Thank you for joining the LBB Women’s Speaker Family. I’m so excited to help you grow your speaking business.

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The Live Bold & Bloom Women’s Speaker Club brings together brilliant and talented women who have a purpose in common – Sharing their message to those they are meant to serve!

Ready to LAUNCH, GROW and SCALE your speaking biz?

** You need to register before you can get access to the LBB Facebook HUB so please continue reading. ***

Quick Message from Wendi

Please remember this is not an overnight adventure, but a journey.

I have worked with Speakers and Planners for almost 2 decades in helping them to grow their business and to achieve a booked speaking schedule. I will be teaching you techniques and strategies that you can easily implement in your business. These are small doable steps.

The first Tuesday of every month, we will have a new masterclass taught by me or an expert guest. Each masterclass is intended to help move you forward in positioning yourself as an expert in your field. 

We will also have a Dedicated Implementation Day each month, because if we only learn, but don’t take action, we can’t grow and position ourselves as the expert in our market.

At the end of each month, we’ll celebrate everyone’s wins together.

I’m excited to see our community grow! 

Keep Inspiring!

Wendi xo

First Steps ...

1. You MUST Register on the Charli Jane Speakers Website

All members must register on the Charli Jane website by clicking the button below. It should take less than a few minutes. 

After you register, you will be directed to our private Facebook group. The FB group will have all the trainings inside the “guides” section.

You will start with the first guide titled: Start Here. Go through each guide in order, because this is your onboard experience for the Live Bold & Bloom Women’s Speaker Club.

If you ever get lost, head over to the guides section and the announcements.

*** For current CJ Tribe Members only: If you are also a CJ Tribe member, when you register for the LBB club on the CharliJane website, please click the “I have an existing account” option. 

P.S. Once you are directed to the Facebook Group, please request to join. 

See you in the Club!