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Marketing Management Program for Public Speakers - Grow Your Speaking Business

Marketing Management Program for Public Speakers

Charli Jane designed this program specifically for speakers who need more exposure, credibility and visibility… hence making you more hirable and creating an essential strong platform.

Our marketing management team will play a vital role in promoting and spreading awareness about the speaker/brand, services and products via the internet.

The Marketing Management Program is a pretty simple program and to the point. We do ask that you let us do the marketing for you but will at all times first discuss certain strategies to be used before they are implemented. The reason we say this is because we know what works and what doesn’t. We know where you want to be and we can get you there.

The program is a 6 month program and the reason being is it takes time to build a brand as it won’t happen overnight as much as we would like it to. Its time consuming but is well worth it once you can see the results. Marketing never stop and should always be done on a regular basis so you don’t lose any ground.

The program includes:

  • Strategies to drive online traffic to the speaker/brands website
  • Developing a Social Media presence for the speaker/brand
  • Interact on Social Media on behalf of the speaker/brand
  • Creating opt-in and landing pages that convert
  • Overseeing the social media strategy for the speaker/brand
  • Managing/consulting the redesign of the speaker/brands website
  • Implement Platform building strategies for the speaker and/or brand
  • Manage/consult design or re-design of speaker/brand marketing materials
  • Produce and edit videos on a regular basis for the speaker/brand

If you are interested in having Charli Jane Speakers be your marketing manager give us a call at 402-218-4426 or send us an email to