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Mildred D. Muhammad - Grow Your Speaking Business

Mildred D. Muhammad

Award-Winning Global
Keynote Speaker

Mildred D. Muhammad

“I educate others to understand the difference between domestic abuse & domestic violence.

Travels From: Washington, DC and Virtual Events

Mildred D. Muhammad

About Mildred D. Muhammad

Mildred D. Muhammad is an Award-Winning Global Keynote Speaker, International Expert Speaker for the US Dept of State, Certified Consultant with the US Dept of Justice/Office for Victims of Crime, CNN Contributor, BNC Contributor, Domestic Abuse Survivor, Certified Domestic Violence Advocate, Advisory Board Member & Instructor for The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault Advocacy Network’s Advisor, Best-Selling Author, Former Internet TV Talk Show Host, Trainer & Educator as well as a Certified Professional/Personal Development Consultant. She travels and speaks on a global platform to discuss her life of terror, abuse, and heartache, all while promoting Domestic Abuse/Violence Awareness and Prevention.

As the ex-wife of the D.C. Sniper, John A. Muhammad, Mildred shares the very personal details of her experiences involving fear, abuse and many times, victim-blaming. This experience has allowed Mildred’s mission to be even more influential and of a greater purpose. Simply stated, she was a victim who became a survivor and is now a warrior on the issues of domestic abuse/violence.

She shares her expertise on what it’s like to be a victim and a survivor of domestic violence “without physical scars” to various conferences, seminars, workshop audiences which include victims and survivors of domestic violence, advocates, law enforcement professionals, therapists, counselors, mental and medical health providers, university, and college students as well as conduct military personnel training regarding domestic violence.

Her authenticity is as remarkable as her unforgettable story of abuse. She explains the perils of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) soldiers suffer when returning from a war zone as well as victims who are diagnosed with PTSD. She is recognized and received awards, throughout military communities, for championship of the Family Advocacy Program and their mission to educate, promote and end Domestic Violence in Military Communities.


Topics: Domestic Abuse/Violence, Self-Care, Resiliency, Adversity

Scared Silent: When the one you love becomes the one you fear:

IMildred hopes that what she reveals will bring more awareness to the verbal, psychological, economic, emotional, mental, and the stalking abuse many women suffer regarding this national/international issue of domestic abuse/violence.

Being Abused While Teleworking During Coronavirus:

COVID-19 has changed the way American business owners operate their businesses. Now that teleworking is a reality, domestic abuse/violence cases are rising. Leaving the home to go to work offered a sense of relief to victims. What will they do now?

I’m Still Standing: Crawling Out of the Darkness into the Light:

Learning to create your new normal inspite of going through so much pain and turmoil. Peace of mind, love and enjoying life is possible after trauma.



"Ms Muhammad's presentation was spectacular! It was engaging, honest, and very enlightening as she shared her personal experiences. She presented some of her life scenarios with humor and displayed compassion at the same time. Ms Muhammad also provided multiple responses to questions from our audience during the conference. Her answers were heartfelt and considerate to the participants sharing their personal experiences. Her presentation was two hours long however our participants did not grow tired of listening to her resilient experiences that involved her family. This program was designed for mental health professionals, psychologists, social workers, counselors, law enforcement and military affiliates. We truly enjoyed having her presentation and would be pleased to have her return to speak again in the near future." - La-Lisa Hewett-Robinson, Director, Mental Health of Southern Regional Area Health Education Center




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