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Paradigm esteem - 'I AM Beautiful Because...' - Grow Your Speaking Business

Paradigm esteem – ‘I AM Beautiful Because…’

Charli Jane Speakers

by Charli Jane Speaker, Amanda Welliver

With a strained home life and having a severe stutter; Amanda Welliver was a young girl who suffered daily taunting, severe bullying, hair being lit on fire, locked in lockers, always picked last with rolling eyes, and feeling she was a ‘nobody’.

Amanda speaks from a changed heart of how she went from the suicidal stuttering geek to the captain of the cheerleading squad, a multiple award winning Entrepreneur, and a Radio Show host by using methods in her authored text book ‘I Am Beautiful Because…’ TM.

Topics include moving forward, self esteem, forgiveness, and never giving up because you are worth it! Amanda speaks with ultimate passion, giant charisma, dashes of humor and fun allowing audience members an event their souls will be grateful for.

Paradigm Esteem – ‘I AM Beautiful Because…’TM motivational speaker


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