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Paul Vann - Grow Your Speaking Business

Paul Vann


Paul Vann

“Empowering Leaders to Develop Their Managers and Employees to Become Leaders of Influence to Maximize Their Human Potential and Improve Their Bottom Line”

Travels From: Based in Maryland, Delivers leadership speeches and leadership development workshops in-person and virtual.

Paul Vann

About Paul Vann

Paul grew up in a family of ten children, his parents were factory workers in North Carolina and the first leaders in his life. At the age of ten, his father volunteered him to work in their family grocery store to help earn money to support their family. He interned for five years until age fifteen, then it was on to play high school football and track and field, so leadership was all around Paul.

Paul’s passion for acquiring knowledge, resulted in him being the first child in his family to graduate from high school and college. During his tenure at college, he worked four years at UPS to pay for college. Paul earned academic honors while graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from Shaw University, and he was a distinguished graduate of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program at North Carolina State University.

Upon graduation, Paul was commissioned a second lieutenant into the United States Air Force (USAF). He served eight years and was recruited by Mobil Oil Company, and he worked for them for two years. Paul was recalled to duty by the USAF, and he served over twelve consecutive years in the Pentagon, he retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel. Paul attended every leadership school the USAF offered, and he is passionate about it. One of Paul’s next to last duty assignments was as a Capitol Hill Fellow, he worked for a member of Congress in the U.S. House of Representatives. He retired from the USAF and today he leads Wealth Building Academy, LLC.

Paul is the father of two teenage children which requires his best leadership work ever. He earned a Master of Arts degree in business management and a Master of Science degree in contracts and acquisition management. Paul is a two-time number one international bestselling author and is the author of five books.


Topics: Leadership. Diversity, Empowerment

Influential Leadership Builds Strong Organizations

With dynamic workplace changes taking place post-pandemic, leaders, managers, and employees seek to build better work relationships and build strong human connections in the workplace during the new normal. Corporate leaders can strengthen their organization through the influence they have and align it with their managers. and employees resulting in them maximizing their human potential and improving their bottom line. By developing other leaders in the organization, the leader will improve his employee return on investment, and it will position their business to generate more revenue.

Diversity and Inclusion Can Improve Your Organization’s Return on Investment

This diversity and inclusion talk will propel your organization to understand diversity a bit better, it provides you with a foundation for future discovery in your workplace and in your personal life. Raising awareness about the challenges as well as the advantages of diversity is a good thing because it allows you to be open and honest with yourself, your managers, and employees in the workplace. This session will assist your organization in understanding how diversity and inclusion in the workplace can position your organization with a competitive advantage in your industry.

A Study in Work-Life Balance: Live With Passion, Motivation, and Joy

Make no mistake about it in today’s workplace, it takes everything you have just to make it through the workday. Whether it’s stress, deadlines, traffic, misinformation, and the economy, today’s leaders and employees face challenges like never before. This motivational talk will inspire you, motivate you, and empower you to align your workplace values with your personal life. You will be able to overcome barriers, hurdles, and the quicksand of life on your personal and professional journey. This talk will change your outlook on life, and get you recharged to take on your greatest challenges while living with passion, motivation, and joy.



“Paul, I along with all of the employees at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) thank you for delivering the amazing keynote address on the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Your speech was designated the Best Special Event for OPM. You are one of the top speakers we have ever had, thank you for being such an amazing speaker.”- John Berry, Former Director, OPM




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