Brenda Adelman

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Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning Actor, Solo-Show Performer, Author

Travels From: San Diego, CA

Topics: Leadership, Diversity, Self-Expression, Storytelling, Stage Presentation

Things I can't live without: Dark Chocolate, Human Touch, That Loving Feeling

My favorite piece of advice: Love Yourself as Much As You Would Love and Innocent Child so that You'll Make Honoring Decisions

Describe yourself in one word: Boundless

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Visiting the wall in China

Things I love: To dance, to act, pet dogs, to share my story and empower others

I help heartcentered spiritual change agents heal from their stories so they can be powerful storytellers on stage and on video

Brenda Adelman
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Brenda is the author of "My Father Killed My Mother and Married My Aunt, Forgiving the Unforgivable."

Brenda Adelman is an award-winning actor with a critically acclaimed one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, based on her life story and the power for forgiveness. 

Her father shot and killed her mother in 1995 and then quickly married her Aunt (her mother's sister) 

Brenda's performed and spoken on stages and facilitated workshops on Forgiveness and The Power of Story and How to Create a Solo-Show in 4 countries and 9 states from London to Los Angeles, for over 12,000 people for audiences as diverse as women prisoners, youth-at-risk, for domestic violence coalitions, varied Spiritual Communities, for students, women's groups and the US military. 

She's authored, My Father Killed My Mother and Married My Aunt, Forgiving the Unforgivable.

She's a master life coach focused on the power of forgiveness, teaches storytelling and presentation on stage and on video and has been interviewed on FOX TV news and on NPR. 

She is the recipient of a Hero of Forgiveness award. Her website is


Stage Presentation



My Brooklyn Hamlet: Brenda's critically acclaimed one person show about the power of forgiveness Forgiving the Unforgivable: Brenda's Proven 3 Step Forgiveness Process  

How to Take the Stage and Be Memorable: Brenda's 4 Step SHOW Success System  

How to Be Authentic and Confident on Video for Entrepreneurs: 7 experiential xercises taken stand out of Brenda's Acting Handbook


“Referring to my one-hour Keynote Presentation of my solo-show My Brooklyn Hamlet:  

She tells her story through dark, wickedly funny anecdotes that are laugh-out-loud hilarious, but also gut-wrenching. 

Adelman punctuates her narrative sparingly with passages from Shakespeare’s Hamlet – a daring move, really, since it places her in danger of moving into cliché territory. But Adelman’s delivery of the Bard’s lines is skillful and emotionally moving, bringing a fresh perspective to the centuries-old words and giving Adelman a way to express the true despair without alienating her audience.”  

Profound in it’s outcome. Brenda Adelman is able to wield the mighty power of grace and bestow a kind of clemency that allows her to get past the ugliness and pain of tragedy to a love of herself and most of all both her mother and her father. As in the words her mother would say every evening at her bedtime goodnight, “To Thine Own Self Be True,” Ms. Adelman, finds a way to do what is right for everyone.” - LA Theatre Review  

"Ultimately the audience at Brenda Adelman’s searing one-woman show are winners too as she shares her extraordinary true story…her mother has taught her to recite her favourite excerpts from Shakespeare, a legacy she uses in the show to spellbinding effect…She morphs effortlessly into both parents and does not spare her audience the gory details of their relationship, or the depths of her own pain… thanks to her winning open personality and the simplicity and candour of her storytelling, nicely leavened with a disarming humour and her great personal charm, the parts add up to a gripping whole." - All ABout Jewish Theatre Judi Herman  

"Often we are inspired by someone’s story, but we don’t see where we can apply what we’ve seen and heard to our own lives. We don’t think in terms of, “I could do that.”  

Brenda’s gift is in how her one-woman show opens people up to look at their own lives. After Brenda’s riveting, performance and her Q and A, several congregants came over to me and told me that they were looking at their own lives differently. Brenda’s presentation awakened people to the power of forgiveness in their own lives. - North Hollywood Church of Religious Science, Rev. Marc Laponce  


Mahalo for sharing your most precious time with us and leaving as another “aunty” to add to our net of kako’o(support). New context to hear important content is what we try to immerse our young people in. Honing our character and spirit to be caring, appreciative, feeling , and knowing, honest, truthful is our kuleana -responsibility. As our wise kupuna said, “You supposed to know that you have the strength to know what to do. GET A GRIP! LEAVE A LEGACY!”  

You have discovered your knowledge and share the strength and beauty given by your experiences-including the love of your parents,family. You definitely “got a grip and leaving a powerful legacy” Your ancestors,family must be smiling all the time. Mahalo for sharing your stories." - Aloha pumehana,Warmest of love… Aunty Fay - Communities in Schools (Ages 8 – 15) Oahu, Hawaii

Brenda Adelman

Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning Actor, Solo-Show Performer, Author