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Profile Cat Coluccio - Grow Your Speaking Business

Profile Cat Coluccio

Cat Coluccio

Travels from: Auckland New Zealand, but very experienced at presenting virtually.

Helping Women create Purposeful Lives and Businesses 🔸 Founder of Rocking Midlife® - the Podcast and the Community


Motivation Customer Attraction utilising Facebook Groups

I offer strategic business & life coaching for the ambitious woman over 40, who is ready to reinvent and build the purposeful and profitable business of her dreams. The shorter version is: Helping women 40 and over create purposeful lives and businesses

Cat Coluccio

Fun Facts About Cat

Things I can’t live without: Family, chocolate and cats – and not necessarily in that order. (Internet, books and prosecco rate pretty highly too!)

My favorite piece of advice: “It’s never too late to have a new beginning in life!”

Describe yourself in one word: Authentic

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Publish a series of kids books

Things I love: Time alone to think and read! (introvert here); seeing women that I have worked with go on to achieve their goals; being able to motivate and inspire women over 40 to realise that they are amazing and that they absolutely have a voice that needs to be heard; being a first time Nonna; Hanging out in my home in a semi-rural environment in New Zealand, where I can enjoy the peace while still being connected to the world via my laptop.

A qualified Educator, Personal Trainer, and Life Coach, Cat Coluccio is a vibrant international speaker, and a champion of midlife women who want to stop procrastinating, get unstuck and live their lives ON-purpose, creating a legacy for their families and communities.

She is an experienced, authentic communicator who delivers presentations that are both inspiring and full of practical take-aways that bring value long after she has left the stage.

A transplanted Australian who has called New Zealand home for over 20 years, Cat is a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 1 and lives with her husband in Auckland along with far too many cats and chickens. She shares stories from her experiences of working as a high performing lecturer, music director and musician – often forging her way in male dominated fields. She also speaks about her journey through burn out to eventual reinvention at midlife as a personal trainer, life coach and speaker.

Cat’s 30+ years of educating, coaching and training people from various industries, as well as her own creation of many successful online communities over the past 7 years, sets her apart from other trainers who are only now discovering how essential online groups are to business growth and client retention. She is the founder of the Groups Attraction Formula – a premium coaching program for business owners who want to grow their business by building an authentic, online community.

Having also seen how many women struggle to be productive in bringing their entrepreneurial dreams to life, Cat provides interactive workshops utilising evidence-based research that addresses the core of productivity. She especially zones in on how clutter can impact a person’s mental wellbeing, focus, and output.

Cat is especially passionate about seeing women break through gender and ageist barriers and has built a dynamic online community to support this mission. Her business page has grown to over 50 000 followers and her vibrant group Rocking Midlife™ has over 5500 members from all around the world.

2018 saw Cat on a panel at FierceCon in LA after holding her own successful Rocking Midlife™ event in Auckland. She was featured in a 6 page spread in NEXT Magazine and interviewed on the Breakfast Show following her Rock Your Jeans campaign where over 100 women from around the world sent their photos in response to a study that said that women over the age of 53 should not wear jeans. In early 2019, Cat was the winner of the Fast-Track Scholarship at the National Conference of the Professional Speakers Association in New Zealand.

Cat has written three books, “Girl! Get over yourself and get in the Game!” the best selling “21 Hacks to ROCK your Life!” and recently released a Teen Edition of the 21 Hacks book. She is the host of Rocking Midlife® – the Podcast and lives by her personal philosophy: “It is never too late to have a new beginning in life.“


Are you Living your Life in 3D?
In the same way that 3D glasses distort your perception of reality, Cat identifies 3 “Ds” in this presentation, which are voices that have the potential to distort and possibly completely derail you from fulfilling your dream. A motivating presentation to inspire and by the end, Cat reveals a 4th “D” which can make all the difference in your life when applied.

Are you the Leading Lady of your own life?
Women are so conditioned to put everyone else’s needs in front of their own. Life is not a rehearsal however, and if you do not step up and own your place as the leading lady in your own life – you will always be frustrated. Cat’s 5 hacks to owning your leading lady status are both motivating and practical.

5 Customer Attraction Secrets using the Power of Facebook Groups
Learn how to turn strangers into loyal customers through the power of Facebook Groups! The Groups Attraction Formula is Cat’s signature program where she teaches you how you can build your business authentically, even if just starting out or with just a handful of followers. Be inspired to create a movement, not just a business.


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Phone: +6421388744