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Profile David Alemian - Grow Your Speaking Business

Profile David Alemian

David AlemianThe World’s Most Powerful Recruitment and Retention Tools… PERIOD!!!

I help employers recruit and retain highly-skilled talent.

Travels from: Oceanside, CA

Topics: Talent Recruitment and Retention, How to Build Employee Loyalty, Think Like a Champion


David Alemian is an expert when it comes to talent recruitment and retention.  David provides employers with fresh, new solutions and strategies to help them attract and retain the highly-skilled employees they need.
Onstage, David’s timing is absolutely flawless as he smoothly shifts gears from being totally serious, to absolutely hilarious, and back again.  His boundless energy and enthusiasm is projected into every corner of the room as audiences immediately get a real sense of David’s passion and warmth.
When David is booked to speak, he works with meeting planners to learn everything about the conference and the conference attendees.  David’s work continues long after his talk ends because he makes himself available for one-on-one conversations with any of the attendees who have questions. 
David loves to show up early and stay late!!!  David’s mission at every conference is to help as many people as he possibly can, and give them strategies that they can use after the conference.

David Alemian is a speaker who combines his knowledge and expertise, with a stage presence gained from a lifetime of performing arts.

David Alemian first walked onstage almost 50 years ago.  When he was a teenager, he played guitar and sang in coffee houses in the early seventies.  He then went on to travel around the country as a full-time professional musician playing in his own 9-piece show-band.  In his mid-twenties, David took acting classes and was a natural.  He soon became a member of AFTRA/SAG and worked as a professional actor in TV commercials, industrials, and movies.   His love of performing led him to spend 15 years as a professional mobile disc jockey and master of ceremonies.

In 1991, David became a Certified Neuro-linguistics Programming Practitioner (NLP), before most people had even heard of NLP.  Not too long afterwards, David became involved in the insurance business.  Over the next 23 years, his innovative strategies have saved employers tens-of-millions of dollars, while improving the lives of countless employees.  One of David’s strategies saved a municipality over $70,000 a year, for 10 years in a row.  In another case, David’s recruitment and retention strategies showed a small rural healthcare organization how to save over $58,000,000.

The bottom line… David ‘s clients get the results that they are looking for.

In 2010, David Alemian became the host of a weekly, one-hour radio show in San Diego called “It’s About Money”.  During its run, the successful show generated over 133 podcasts.  With his on-camera acting background, David was more than ready when Internet video exploded onto the scene.  Since that time, David has written, produced and is featured in over 300 financial education videos.  Along the way, he also wrote and published over 200 financial articles for national media publications.  David’s work appears in national media outlets such as MD Magazine, Physician’s Money Digest, Physician’s Practice, eHow and the Oside News.

Today, David is an enthusiastic and animated corporate speaker and one of the top expert consultants in the country on the topic of “Talent Recruitment and Retention.”


Talent Recruitment and Retention:

One of the greatest challenges facing employers today is filling key positions with highly-skilled talent. David outlines the cause of the problem and then dives into a solution that employers can implement. David’s innovative approach works like a powerful magnet to attract and retain top talent in any industry.

How to Build a World-class Organization:

The difference between a world-class organization and a mediocre organization, is the people who work there. David shows employers how to have the top talent in any industry literally “Standing in Line” to work for an organization.

Think Like a Champion:

Champion athletes think like champions, while couch potatoes think like couch potatoes. Over-achievers think differently than under-achievers. No matter where you are in life, it’s all a matter of “mind-set”. Whether you want to lose weight, build better relationships, or take your company to the highest possible levels, David shows you use the power of your mind to get what you want.


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“David Alemian is an engaging speaker with creative financial solutions to pressing problems. He would be a wonderful addition to your meeting agenda!” – Vickie Rackner MD, President, Thriving Doctors

“David is absolutely fascinating.  He is a remarkable financial expert who fills the room with energy. The Bottom Line is… you must get David to speak at your next conference.” – Dr. Lillian Arleque Ed.D.

“David quickly became a hit with our audience. David’s work is marked by his abundant professionalism and enthusiasm.” – Jared Kaltwasser, Assistant Editor, MD Magazine and, Physician’s Money Digest

“I just heard David talk, and he has a great, great idea of attracting and keeping employees.  It’s a great topic and it’s something that we as business leaders and business owners should really think about.” – Attendee

“I very much enjoyed David’s talk and it validated what my life experiences have shown me regarding careers, Corporate America and setting off alarm bells.” – Attendee

“I just heard David talk… fantastic speaker!!! Really enjoyed all that he had to say. I learned a ton about how to solve the country’s retention and employment problem.” – Attendee

“David did a great job!!! …it was very entertaining and I learned something too!” – Attendee




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