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Profile Dr. Shane Smith - Grow Your Speaking Business

Profile Dr. Shane Smith

Dr. Shane SmithProfessional Speaker and Coach

Travels from: Tampa, FL

Topics: Sales, Customer Service, Leadership, Relationships, Parenting, Career Seeking

“I help entrepreneurs sell so they can change the world”


Dr. Shane Smith was a huge success in the sales profession, but not because he was a “natural born” salesman. Instead, his success stems from being a “Nice-Guy” and using his natural social skills to succeed. For the past 15 years, Shane has become a university professor (PhD) and has been teaching students and entrepreneurs his methods and perspective on “Nice guys(gals) finish…and OUTLAST!

Based on a premise of (and title of his upcoming book), “Shut Up and Listen”, Shane helps entrepreneurs, leaders/managers, parents, etc. learn the power and techniques of asking questions and letting the other respond. It is in those responses that we can, not only better understand them, but also influence them to take our intended action.


Entrepreneurs Hate Selling: A step-by-step process of how entrepreneurs, who are in it to change the world, can get beyond their fears and bad feelings about sales before they give up.

Shut Up and Listen (Sales): The lost art of listening is often overlooked by sales reps and their training programs. Shane refocuses and motivates the reps to get back to the art that they should have been using from the beginning.

Shut Up and Listen (Service):
Shut Up and Listen (Leadership/Management):
Shut Up and Listen (Parenting/Relationships):

Do What You Love…: Provides career changers and students an introspective look at becoming, not only what they love to do, but who they are inside.


“Shane was incredible. I never knew that I would be so excited about selling. I actually can’t wait to get back and make some calls on Monday!” – Sammy Torino, Ft. Myers, FL (entrepreneur)




Phone: 813-789-5966