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Profile Elizabeth Clamon - Grow Your Speaking Business

Profile Elizabeth Clamon

Elizabeth ClamonProfessional Speaker

Travels from: La Grange, North Carolina

Topics: Empowerment, Health, Natural Healing, stress management, Overcoming adversity

I help individuals learn natural ways to cope with stress and be relentless in the pursuit of their dreams and goals.


Elizabeth who is living proof that natural healing works, is a Naturopath.

She has not only survived, but thrived, despite childhood abuse, being chronically ill, and left disabled and bedridden for twelve years from an auto accident. She provides an insightful, inspirational, and educational experience to inspire people to overcome obstacles and live their dreams.

Elizabeth earned her Bachelors’ Degree in Holistic Nutrition and a Masters’ Degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Clayton College of Health.
She also studied psychology at Louisiana Baptist University.

She is a business owner, professional speaker, author, health and wellness coach, and consultant who works with client’s to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She brings a unique perspective to audiences by not only sharing her twenty-two years of experience in the health and wellness field, but also her experience as a chronic pain patient, military spouse, homeschool mother, and survivor of childhood trauma.

In Elizabeth’s talks, your audience will gain valuable information on overcoming trauma, and adversity with actionable steps that they can take immediately to blaze their own path, by their own rules, so that they can not only survive, but thrive, enabling them to live their best life.


RELENTLESS PURSUIT; Lache pas la patate
Women struggle every day to find work/life balance. We often find ourselves just trying to survive one day to the next while trying to accomplish five times as much as our mothers and grandmothers. While surviving can be difficult at times, learning ways to thrive can seem almost impossible with all the things we need to get done.

We often find ourselves exhausted, burnt out, dealing with toxic overload, and ill. In order to accomplish everything that needs to be done, we need to be relentless, relentless in pursuit of our health, happiness, and achieving our goals and dreams.

I encourage women to identify what must be accomplished, gain insight into how to make a mindset shift of what is truly important, and give them practical steps to overcome adversity and take control of their life. To be Relentless; Never give up, no matter what hardships you may face, dig deep within yourself and find the strength and courage to continue.

Get up every day Striving to Thrive in life and not just Survive another day. Poor health is not always just physical, the main cause of many illnesses is a combination of factors. It is vitally important that we as women take care of our health so that we can accomplish everything God has called us to do.

Good health is a balancing act, like so many things in our lives. We must find the balance between mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. In this talk, I give women four keys steps to achieving optimal health and wellbeing. I encourage them to see that total wellness is a choice and as women we teach those around us what is important through the choices we make regarding our own health. We need to strive to be at optimal health in order to serve those others as God has called us to.

It’s time to reduce stress, prevent illness, and live your best life.

We struggle every day to find work/life balance. We often find ourselves just trying to survive one day to the next while trying to accomplish everything that needs to be done. Stress not only causes poor attendance but can be dangerous in the workplace. Stress is the major cause of injury and illness costing companies millions of dollars each year.

In this talk, I give the audience practical tips to destress their life. Simple practical natural steps that when implemented can reduce their stress levels and increase their productivity and attendance. Living with less stress is a balancing act, like so many things in our lives. We must find the balance between mental, physical, and emotional health. I encourage them to implement strategies to improve the stress levels and achieve overall optimal health. We need to strive to stress less to achieve optimal health.


“Elizabeth is an engaging speaker who shares a wealth of information in such a personal way. She recently spoke on stress management at our Military Mom’s Summit. She is a wonderful combination of scientifically sound information and gentle encouragement to help people return to health and wellness!” – Kathy Barton, LMSW

“I had the pleasure of listening to Elizabeth’s testimony and wisdom recently at our church and I have to say, listening to her story and struggles and how she overcomes them daily was very inspirational and educational. She gives hope and guidance from a real perspective and in my opinion, was what made it so great and encouraging. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for an Inspiring Motivational Speaker!” -Kimberly Beck

“Elizabeth is an amazing public speaker and health coach. Her knowledge of natural health and nutrition is impressive and scientifically based. I have obtained such helpful information from Elizabeth. Her compassion and empathy make her the perfect go to person when you need sound health recommendations.” -Kathleen Ceips, RN



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