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Profile - John James Santangelo - Grow Your Speaking Business

Profile – John James Santangelo

John James Santangelo

John Santangelo Nationally acclaimed speaker, author, trainer, and coach

Meet John James Santangelo. His Infectious spirit, his sense of balance, and his ability to entertain while teaching will offer all participants an exciting and enriching experience. 

John provides individuals and organizations the confidence and professional skills to produce both personal and career growth which allows them to break free from restrictive thinking and realize their true potential. John’s passion and expertise encourages audiences to utilize and develop their own inner strength to produce true outer success in their career, relationships and health & well-being! 

From the early age of 15 years old as a professional magician, John went on to become a Toastmaster award recipient, a certified health and fitness consultant, a volunteer ‘Big Brother’ of the Big Brother and Sisters Association, a spokesperson for the Make-A-Wish foundation, an honors graduate achieving his certification degree in clinical hypnotherapy, a behavioral specialist, to a master trainer in (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a certified consultant in LAB & iWAM – online Language & Behavior employee assessment survey and 25 years experience as a successful entrepreneur to currently a professional speaker, author and outstanding trainer.

John founded Maximum Success Empowerment Seminars, a personal & professional coaching and development program company, dedicated to teaching people how to unleash their awesome natural ability, maximize their potential and produce outstanding results. He’s one of America’s top speakers because he teaches audiences not only the “what to do” but the “how to do it,” enabling them to take control and achieve extraordinary results!

His interactive and exciting seminars empower participates to continuously reach for higher levels of performance and make the changes necessary to achieve their goals. John now consults and designs communication and sales training programs for individuals, businesses and corporations. He has the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to help them create and develop a passion for their purpose. John has the knowledge, background and experience working with companies such as The Learning Annex, Mary Kay, Multi-Sclerosis Society, Xerox, RE/MAX Realtors, HSMAI – Affordable Meetings, MPI, the Teamsters Union, and the US Army counter-intelligence team.

Keynote topics

  • “Communication Mastery” (most requested topic) The single most important skill we’ll learn during our lifetime is the art and science of communication! It affects everything from influencing others to how we deal with our relationships, friends & families, and especially managing our careers. In today’s fast-paced, the-customer-is-not-important world customer service to HR departments all require a genuine understanding and an easy to learn process which consist of demo’s and exercises that produce immediate results to keep your customers/clients coming back again and again. Because we all comprehend our world completely different from one another, it’s absolutely necessary to learn HOW TO speak to their particular communicate style, otherwise “we might as well be talking to a brick wall.” Learning to master language effectively builds instant rapport, long term relationships and the ability to influence others to see your perspective. Communication is the foundational key to any successful business!

Participants will have a basic understanding of how individuals communicate verbal & non-verbally. They’ll comprehend that ‘communication is the response we receive not our intention given.’  They’ll have the ability to build instant rapport and the ability to change emotional states at will, thus producing more conducive states of mind.

  • “Seductive Selling Secrets” Studies have shown that over 80% of products and services sold are so because of the relationship created, NOT the product or service. Great sales people understand the importance of being flexible and the ability to change their presentation style to match the needs of their prospects. Selling is not just the ability to positively influence others; it’s also to assist them in reaching what they emotionally desire – “People buy emotionally and then justify their decision logically!” With this presentation, participants will quickly learn how to create deep instant rapport, build solid trust, and how their client’s want to be sold by recognizing the client’s buying strategies. Our Five Step Selling Process is effective, easy to learn and simple to incorporate into anyone’s present style of selling. Imagine your entire sales team learning how your clients want to buy… from YOU? And then be able to provide them with your products! 

Participants will comprehend how clients buy the salesperson as much or more than the product itself. They be able to build instant rapport and recognize unconscious non-verbal buying signals everyone gives off. Our 5 step sales process allows participants to easily follow the program which produces results!

  • “Speak Up With Power & Influence” System” (Brand New)  was designed with anyone interested in influencing others to see their perspective; such as in sales, management, customer service even HR.  Our 7 step-by-step process will help boost self-esteem, develop powerful language skills, set intentions and plan of action, and tools to expand verbal and non-verbal skills to influence others positively, including yourself. Speak Up With Power teaches powerful communications and assertiveness skills in an easy to learn system.  This presentation teaches anyone how to achieve more confidence, create instant rapport, overcome self-limiting beliefs, conquer  fears, control emotional states and utilize hypnotic language patterns to get what they want every time to become a master communicator!

Participants will walk away with an understanding of rapport, influence and emotional control, thus creating an atmosphere of responsiveness and agreement in others in order to over-come resistance. They’ll learn the 7 step process of influence and behavioral change perspectives!

Captivated clients

Multiple-Sclerosis Society, Mary Kay, The Learning Annex, RE/MAX Realtors, Well Point, Xerox, NACE, Century 21, HSMAI – Affordable Meetings, The Teamsters Union…and post 9/11, the US Army Counter-Intelligence Team.

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