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Profile Kathi Burns, CPO - Grow Your Speaking Business

Profile Kathi Burns, CPO

Kathi Burns

Travels from: San Diego, California

Professional Speaker, Author, Board Certified Organizer and Image Consultant


Organizing,Productivity, Entrepreneurship

I help people get organized with effective systems put into place so that they can live their purpose and experience greater life satisfaction and freedom.

Kathi Burns

Fun Facts About Kathi

Things I can’t live without: My husband, trees, water

My favorite piece of advice: One seemingly small insignificant change in your life and your environment can lead to larger than life results

Describe yourself in one word: Optimistic

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Hang gliding

Things I love: Birds, cats, music, forests, islands

Kathi Burns, CPO® is a Board Certified Professional Organizer, Image Consultant, author and speaker. As the founder of, a professional organizing and image consultancy, her mission for almost two decades has been to end overwhelm, energize, and transform lives by creating systems people can stick to.

While working as a licensed boat captain and living full time out of a duffle bag, Kathi realized the importance of living small, being organized, and merging art and style with practicality. In 2005, one year after launch, Good Morning America featured Kathi as a successful woman-owned business.

Since then, Kathi has published two books and created numerous online training programs. As an organizing, image and productivity expert, Kathi’s advice has been featured in multiple national media outlets, including Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more. Additionally, she is a frequently called upon guest expert for Fox, NBC and CW6 News.


Eliminate These Energy Zappers from Your Telework Environment Now

  • Uncover hidden distractions and habits that unbalance our lives
  • Understand simple, practical systems to increase productivity
  • Implement tactics that avoid and even eliminate outside disruptions
  • Discover how small, simple habits can free your mind and your time at home
  • Implement productivity tools to skyrocket your goals to completion

Mastering Your Muck: Organize Your Life So You Can Live Your Purpose

  • Apply easy strategies to declutter your mind and your space
  • Stop being enslaved to busywork
  • Delegate tasks with confidence so you can focus on your strengths
  • Control your environment for maximum productivity
  • Create systems that enhance your focus and accelerate your business

Level Up ~ How To Painlessly Embrace Change

  • Discover and identify organizing and energetic roadblocks
  • Remove unnecessary busyness, tasks and clutter
  • Create the space to dramatically increase your energy
  • Develop systems so that you can get more done and enjoy life with less stress and overwhelm

Contact Kathi

Phone: 619.363.3311