Kevin McNulty

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Keynote Speaker - Coach - Author

Travels From: Greater Nashville, Tennessee

Topics: Motivational, Personal Development, Soft Skills, Workplace Dynamics

Things I can't live without: God, Jane, pancakes

My favorite piece of advice: Be comfortable in your skin

Describe yourself in one word: Genuine

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Live part-time in Switzerland

I help leaders and professionals elevate their people skills quotient to be more effective and influential in their roles.

Kevin McNulty
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Kevin McNulty, an internationally recognized soft skills, leadership, and influence strategist & coach. 

#1: When it comes to influencing and really connecting with people, how do leaders and professionals know what’s the best, most effective way? 

They look to Kevin McNulty, an internationally recognized soft skills, leadership, and influence strategist & coach. With three decades as a trusted advisor and coach for major organizations including Jack Daniel’s, NASA and Department of Defense, Kevin has an uncanny ability for getting to the core of a concept and explaining it simply and concisely. 

A masterful storyteller, Kevin blends humor, an engaging style, and rock-solid advice to make him an ideal choice as a meeting opener, keynote, or closing-day speaker that will have your attendees glad they stayed through the end. Audiences leave Kevin's presentations energized with real-world ideas to transform their people skills and influence quotient.  

#2: KEVIN MCNULTY helps leaders and professionals elevate their people skills quotient to be more effective and influential in their roles. Truth is, people and cultures are more complicated than in eras past. That means, if leaders and professionals want to be successful they must strengthen their soft skills. 

That's why Kevin has dedicated his career to improving the people skills of professionals all around the world. Often referred to as “the Conversationalist,” Kevin’s interactive keynote presentations and workshops feature proven strategies and provoke new thinking that attendees can implement to immediately improve their people skills and influence. As a masterful storyteller, Kevin uses compelling and humorous stories to cement his ideas in the minds of audience members. Kevin has been an advisor, coach and consultant to senior military commanders, federal government executives and private sector professionals for 30 years. 

He was mentored by the renowned leadership coach, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and is now a premier thinker when it comes to soft skills and personal development. He is the author of The Gap Between Two Worlds (endorsed by Marshall Goldsmith and Brian Tracy), a book on change and transition. Kevin has also authored several visual teaching models that help audiences grasp human and workplace dynamics. Kevin is a 20-year veteran of the US Air Force.


Personal Development

Soft Skills


Your Personal Leadership Brand...How to Discover, Build, and Live it This dynamic program is all about “who you are as a leader.” It’s a thought-provoking assessment of YOU—that asks “who are you and what’s your Personal Leadership Brand (PLB)?” After an interactive exploration of these questions, Kevin shares insights that attendees can immediately implement to improve their influence among employees, peers, and superiors.  

How to Dance with a Cactus...Dealing with Toxic People and Personalities Dealing with some folks is like dancing with a cactus: no matter how you approach them you almost always get poked. What if you could move beyond “just tolerating them?” What if you could implement real strategies and techniques to handle a toxic team member or cranky customer? Learn what drives difficult people and some solid strategies so you can “dance” with them.  

The Dynamics of Keeping Your Head up…Leading During Challenging Times In the present culture of “working-at-the-speed-of-light,” many leaders are forced into the strategy of “just put your head down and push through.” We’ve heard of “leading with your head,” but you must have your head up! This program—for new and seasoned leaders—is about leading under difficult circumstances or during challenging times with grit, heart, and determination.  

Whatever You Do in Life, Make it Matter Summary: The late Stephen Covey said that there are certain things fundamental to human fulfillment; that to live, love, learn, and to leave a legacy is what most of us want out of life. In this inspiring keynote presentation, Kevin R. McNulty will remind you that everyday--no matter who you are or what you do--there are opportunities to make a difference. He will remind and show you how to take your life, and your work, and make it matter in the lives of others.


“Kevin is an amazing speaker with a rare depth and breadth. More, he delivers his message with humor, in a conversational & interactive style, and it sinks deep.”  

“No one simplifies the complexity of human dynamics like Kevin McNulty.”  

“What a great Keynote in Nashville. Your stories about Lynchpins were amazing and inspiring!”  

"Kevin McNulty is a “powerhouse” of a speaker. He continually delivers the “wow” factor wherever he speaks. His presentations are truly unique and insightful every time."

Kevin McNulty

Keynote Speaker - Coach - Author