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Profile - Loretta Love Huff - Grow Your Speaking Business

Profile – Loretta Love Huff

Loretta Love Huff

Loretta Love Huff The Dream Leader for Business ™

Loretta Love Huff, The Dream Leader for Business™, helps people and teams EXCEED their dreams.  She specializes in helping business owners implement their ideas and make money with them.

Loretta is a regular guest on the local Fox10 Morning News show and has been featured in the New York Times, the Arizona Republic, The Phoenix Business Journal, Arizona Woman, Black Enterprise and Working Mother. She has been named one of the Phoenix Business Journal’s “Top Women in Business”.

Loretta is a published author of two business books and the creator of Sleep, Leap, Reap: The Bamboo Approach to Lush Business Growth. She is a certified facilitator of Get Clients Now! and Whale Hunting: Land Big Deals & Transform Your Firm. Loretta holds a B.S. in Psychology from Howard University and an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Chicago.


  • 7 Steps to an Endless Stream of Clients Do you need more clients? Better clients? Do you need to make more money with less effort? People in service-oriented businesses get the best results from active, time-dependent marketing strategies such as outreach, networking and referral-building rather than passive, money-dependent strategies such as advertising.  Assess the effectiveness of your current strategies, identify where you’re stuck in the marketing process and walk out of this hands-on workshop with new ideas for accomplishing your business goals.
  • Unleash Your Inner Leader Some say leaders are born and not made. This myth has kept many accounting professionals from expressing their personal leadership, pursuing their purpose and creating the lasting legacy they were meant to leave in their organizations and communities.  In this session, attendees will discover what it takes to step out with confidence, influence with integrity and live a life with passion and purpose. You will learn: the 3 keys and 4 steps required for personal & organizational change,  5 critical abilities you need to amplify the leader in you plus the 5 lies about leadership and how to not fall victim to them.
  • When ‘Off with their Heads!’ Won’t Work When things don’t go your way, it’s common to judge and blame others or stick your head in the sand and hope things will just blow over.  Sometimes people don’t feel equipped to talk about unpleasant situations or aren’t sure how to broach a really sticky subject without exploding or ‘wimping out’. Whether you’re currently embroiled in or avoiding a conflict or just want some tips for when that inevitable moment occurs, you’ll walk out of this session with simple tactics you can use right away!   Through alternately hilarious and touching stories, you’ll be inspired to reflect on, and devise strategies to deal with, your own disputes in life and at work.


  • Leaders without Limits UNLEASHED, 16-CD set and workbook.
  • RENEW My Life System: From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed in 5 Simple Steps, 6-CD set and workbook.
  • Leadership without Limits: Inspiring the Best in Yourself, Your People and Your Organization book.
  • 6 Keys for Dissolving Disputes: When ‘Off with Their Heads!” Won’t  Work book.

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