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Profile Oya Thomas - Grow Your Speaking Business

Profile Oya Thomas

Oya Thomas

Los Angeles, CA

Keynote Speaker / Author / Soul Centered Strategist


Health and Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Success, Change, Motivation and Inspiration, Creating a culture of teamwork and healthy communication, Women Empowerment / Empowerment

I help individuals and organizations connect to their core mission so they can operate in and on purpose in the most productive and profitable way.

Oya Thomas

Things I can’t live without: 1. Fluffy animals 2. Walks in nature 3. Authentic, genuine and loving family and friends that keep it real with you no matter what!

My favorite piece of advice:  “Do…or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

Describe yourself in one word: Love

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Giraffe Manor in Narobi

Things I love: 1. Connecting with nature 2. Soul Gazing 3. Deep and honest soulful conversations 4. Singing from my soul and connecting to people 5. Assisting others to connect to their soul’s truth so they can shine and live out their mission and purpose!

Oya Thomas is a renowned singer, speaker, and “soul centered strategist” who engages the minds of her clients at the heart and soul.

The award-winning entertainer, activist and author behind “The 5 Star Points for Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose,” Oya has helped many achieve success and create positive change in their personal and professional lives, as well as their communities.

A talented vocalist, Oya has been singing and performing all her life, sharing the stage with David Foster, Brian McKnight, and Eric Benet, and has published books and guides on the development of the self and the soul.

Her debut album “Spirit of Oya” is a compilation of R&B/soul and contemporary favorites and original songs.

Whether corporate boardrooms or elementary school classrooms, Oya’s audiences immediately recognize her inspiring talent as a singer and relatable truth as a motivational speaker.

She delivers an engaging, personal learning experience through real, raw and fun exercises.

For more than a decade, Oya has worked with major corporations, executives, entrepreneurs, and the youth to assist them in being “on purpose, productive and profitable.”

Most recently, her passion and speaking engagements have focused on working with clients of all ages who are fighting depression and struggling with thoughts of suicide.

Her recent work led to the development of her second album, “My Father’s Star,” a collection of covers and original songs performed by Oya. The album’s first single “Jesse,” a re-recording of the Janis Ian song made known by Roberta Flack, was released in honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, September 6-12.

Oya recorded the new single to reach a wider audience and help launch another project under her “Spirit of Oya” brand – a new documentary series on suicide prevention, called “Perfect, Polished and Hurting.” In it, Oya interviews personalities from throughout her career, in a collection of vignettes about finding success after struggling with suicide.

Oya’s innovative strategies for connecting powerful messages to audiences have intrigued Fortune-500 corporations and major organizations around the country. Her same methods work incredibly well with students planning their future and envisioning next steps for their careers and education.

Having first become a creative entrepreneur in high school, Oya relates personally to younger audiences, as she was the first American teenager to launch, own and operate a licensed model and talent management company.

Wise beyond her years, her great eye and ability to bring the client’s vision to life landed her additional opportunities to cast, art direct, and produce events for some of the biggest artists and companies in the world before she graduated high school.

She would go on to earn her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Loyola Marymount University, and her master’s degree in spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica.

Instilling a belief in her students that, “they can do whatever they want, no matter the circumstance,” she offers a fun, engaging curriculum centered around a “no excuse policy.”

Oya speaks from her real-life experiences of growing up in Inglewood, California, with very little resources and limited access to opportunities. Students learn from her stories of overcoming rejection to learning how to believe and manifest dreams, and ultimately finding the path to one’s life’s purpose.

Along with bringing love, inspiration and strategies for success to every class or event, Oya shows clients how to heal what is out of tune, get clear, make soul-centered connections and create, so that they can feel truly “sound” and achieve their dreams. Through her performances, motivational speeches, master classes, and more, Oya has empowered many.

Her mantra, “Don’t let anyone or anything dim your light – including yourself! Now, go out and shine like the STAR you are!

Oya Thomas - Keynote Speaker / Author / Soul Centered Strategist


Contact Oya


Phone: 310-330-3957




Are you at peace with your mind, body, spirit, emotions and environment? This seminar explores the “5 Star Points for Success” – the philosophical basis of all Oya’s programs – and teaches you how to strip your life of limitations and give you the inner confidence to live life fully, so everyone can see your beautiful light shine. She shares the five elements – MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, EMOTIONS and ENVIRONMENT – that she tuned in to as she was building her own foundation as a successful artist and fully-present human being. And she gives you the strategies you need to follow to become aware of these elements in your own life to find the strength and momentum necessary to manifest your dreams and create tangible success through positive thoughts and real action.

educational / informative audience activity entertainment-based inspirational / life-changing


SHINE LIKE THE STAR YOU ARE for Health/Wellness and Service Providers:

Are you a health/wellness service provider or caretaker who devotes your life to providing loving care to others?

Does this describe you?

“I am a person dedicated to caring for others and their needs, and I regularly forget to take care of my own.”
“I have big dreams and ideas, but caring for others sometimes distracts me from living a joyous life that honors my dreams and allows me to live my life’s purpose with ease.”

“I give so much that I am often drained and have no energy for myself, family and friends.”

“Sometimes I find myself not fully engaged or operating at full capacity on my job or in my career.”

“I find myself helping so many others that I am not totally reaching my goals.”

Know that there is a way to care for others and also give attention to the most important person in your life: YOU, glorious YOU!

Introducing Oya’s Keynote SHINE LIKE THE STAR YOU ARE for Health/Wellness and Service Providers:

SHINE LIKE THE STAR YOU ARE is based on the underlying principles of singer, speaker, producer and mentor Oya Thomas’ book, The 5 Star Points for Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose. This session for caretakers and healthcare providers will help you devise a roadmap so you can re-learn how to take good care of yourself and make time to treat yourself to experiences that make you feel rejuvenated and more able to do your important work caring for others.

Identify the unique challenges that caretakers face in their professional and personal lives and learn how to surmount them with grace in order to continue to feel strong and fully present.

*Discover how to balance nurturing others with loving and nurturing yourself in order to let your light shine.
*Reconnect with your inner child and the truth that living out loud, achieving your dreams and fulfilling your heart’s purpose is all well within reach, even as you care for others.
*Explore important mindsets about relationships, being a “whole” and independent person, achieving balance and harmony and the concepts of self-nurture, self-love and self-honor.
… Learn much, much more about yourself!

audience activity educational / informative inspirational / life-changing entertainment-based


Is your company as successful and profitable as it could be?
Here are some hard truths:

In order to be of great service to a company, employees need to be healthy, happy and passionate about the work they do.
If your company is like most, your employees are spending about 20 hours a week of company time stressing out about their jobs. (That’s half of a typical 40-hour workweek!)
At the end of the day, employees who feel stressed out and distracted are not able to focus on their jobs.

And another big one: This drop in productivity is costing your company!

A toxic work environment can lead to lack of motivation, stress-related illnesses and …

Employees calling in late;
More sick days, extended illness and disability claims;
Increased benefits costs;
Less money for the company’s bottom line.

But … there is hope to get your company healthy!

In CORPORATE STAR STRATEGIES, savvy business expert and spiritual mentor Oya Thomas will teach you how to take the next step on the journey of building an inspiring, thriving workplace. This keynote will give your organization a roadmap for motivating themselves and each that will promote health and happiness in the workplace.

Learn how to embrace and share strategies that silence criticism, blame and excuses so you can support positive thoughts in and bring more joy to your workplace.
Access your inner child and the enthusiasm of your employees to get into the zone of following life’s passions against any odds.
Build a loving relationship with yourself and others in order to reconnect to your company’s mission so you can communicate it to others and stir up real excitement and creativity.
Embrace your talent and connect with your true passion so you can create the drive you need to find joy and prosperity in your personal life and career.
… And much more!


Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from building the company of your dreams! Start fostering a healthy, joyful workplace that keeps the new ideas flowing and increases productivity and your bottom line!

audience activity educational / informative entertainment-based inspirational / life-changing


Students are being bombarded by new experiences, and emotions run high in that fragile space where they are growing into adulthood. The outcome of decisions made during the teenage years can last a lifetime, but at this age, the mind is not always mature enough for all the situations it will encounter. Pressure and criticism from their peers and adults can sometimes shut down their bright light and their hope that they are capable of doing something fantastic with their lives. Through the “Teen Dream Makers” workshop, Oya provides a space for healing growing pains and cultivating dreams, to let young people know it is okay to have big plans for their lives. She shows them how to apply the 5 Star Points system to their unique experiences and gives them tools to learn how to manifest their dreams. She also encourages education and the important foundation that higher education can help build, by teaching teenagers how to balance homework and school with friends and making the best decisions for their future. Oya’s ability to be a “big kid” and connect regularly with her little girl who enjoys the silly and fun things in the world, while still utilizing the wisdom gained from her life experiences and her education helps her forge meaningful connections with young people and inspire them to keep use what they love as a way to get them aligned and resonating with positive vibrations.

audience activity educational / informative entertainment-based inspirational / life-changing


Every woman matters. Every woman has a voice, and yet sometimes our voice gets lost in the roles we play.

During this keynote Oya will walk you through her S.T.A.R system required to sparkle and shine as a woman of power, a woman of purpose and a woman who loves herself.

So many women nurture others, yet do not nurture or love themselves; they dim their lights because they are too busy trying to help others shine theirs. And many women stopped believing in their dreams when, as children, someone they admired told them these dreams were impossible or made them fear living out loud and fulfilling their heart’s purpose.

As a lifelong business woman and entrepreneur, Oya understands that women face unique challenges when trying to grow into their power. In the keynote Oya teaches women how to become strong business women through the “5 Star Points System,” but also how to make space for the loving, nurturing time they need to support a joyful, emotionally-healthy life.

Some topics Oya explores in this talk are money, relationships and dating, being whole (with or without a significant other), balance and harmony, navigating business as a woman, self nurture/self love/self honor and some practical ways women can look drama in the face and learn, laugh and grow from the experience.

audience activity educational / informative inspirational / life-changing entertainment-based


Even the most incredibly talented artists doubt themselves. Whether they are barely making it financially, or wildly successful and just unhappy in their lives, they are surviving instead of thriving. Why? They are mired in the stress of being a “starving artist,” because they never built a solid foundation that would help lift them out of “survival” mode. This seminar provides those that are ready to take the next step on the journey of fully showing up in their artistry with a roadmap for the winding path that goes from surviving, to sustaining, to thriving. Once again using the “5 Star Points” system and her own experiences within the entertainment industry as a guide, Oya walks participants through each stage of artist growth and helps them create a leveraged progression plan that starts with making ends meet each month and ends with them breaking through the barriers and prospering from their dreams.

audience activity entertainment-based humorous / funny inspirational / life-changing