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Profile Shelli Hendricks - Grow Your Speaking Business

Profile Shelli Hendricks

Shelli HendricksDeveloping the Next Generation of Leaders

Travels from: San Francisco Bay Area

Topics: Leadership, Executive Presence, Communication, Learning Styles, Talent Strategy, Business Building, Measuring Results, Organizational Transformation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social and Ecological Sustainability

I help leaders to unlock extraordinary personal, team and organizational effectiveness, so that they can learn, lead and leave a legacy.


Shelli Hendricks has served the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 20 years as a seasoned educator, executive coach, organization consultant and strategic business partner.

As an experienced executive coach, one of Shelli’s proudest achievements was launching a leadership development and coaching practice. After working in some of the finest corporate learning and leadership development functions inside Fortune 500 companies, she now works with entrepreneurial startups and non-profit organizations to unlock extraordinary team effectiveness, personal transitions and organizational capability. Her custom-designed programs are designed to equip leaders and teams to learn, lead with dignity and grace, and leave a legacy with meaning and purpose.

Shelli has managed global executive coaching and leadership programs for the most senior leaders, as well as for emerging future leaders. In addition, she has held responsibility for high potential future executive development, corporate compliance training, social learning, and global employee engagement. She has built regional learning centers, developed programs for executive assimilation, assessment and coaching. In addition, Shelli developed change management programs to enable employee integration through 40 company acquisitions over a five-year period in the high-tech industry.

Today, Shelli Hendricks continues to work with senior executives in cutting edge companies, which are making a positive impact through sustainable practices. Her practice is built on an evidence-based, inquiry approach to coaching and organizational development. She is an ICF-certified coach, with qualifications in world-class leadership and team assessments, stakeholder feedback instruments, and has a doctoral understanding of how adult learning and development. Her research is at the intersection of leadership development, transformative learning, and sustainability, as she is pursuing a PhD in Organization Development and Change with Fielding Graduate University. Her intention is to raise awareness, create dialogue, inspire behavior change, and foster social and ecological responsibility. Please contact her with interests in designing a research project for your organization.

For fun, she extends her passion for learning through scuba, scientific research, marine conservation as a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Certified Travel Associate.

Shelli’s philosophy in life and business is: Learn. Lead. Leave a Legacy.


Developing Executive Presence & Influence:
Executive presence has long been acknowledged as a critical factor in leadership. However, its definition has often been mysterious and subject to diverse perspectives. As a result, leaders have received feedback on presence without a roadmap for action that connects clearly to business objectives. The default assumption is to equate presence with appearance and presentation skills. While these factors are important, they make up only a small piece of the “executive presence puzzle” that helps leaders sustain goal-directed action in an organization. This session takes executive presence to a deeper level. Through extensive research in leadership, communications, psychology, and social action theories and literature, executive presence has been clarified as a three-dimensional model of character, substance, and style.

Coaching Leaders in Times of Change:
Whether introducing new policies and procedures or revolutionizing an industry, the success of your change initiative depends on the willingness of your followers. Moreover, the world around us is constantly changing and influencing how we work.

This workshop equips leaders to: Understand human response to uncertainty, change and transition, manage one’s own emotional responses to change, anticipate people’s needs in each phase of change, and lead teams with understanding and compassion in times of change.

7 Keys to Unlocking Talent Strategy:
As business evolves, the way leaders engage people must change as well. Employees are our most effective competitive advantage. When well-informed, highly engaged teams enjoy their work, it creates a powerful and attractive environment. Not only will customers have a pleasant experience and want to return, but also the best employees will be drawn to work in this environment. These businesses will stand apart from competitors.

Our 7 Keys to Unlocking Talent Strategy® equips business leaders to understand why talent matters, evaluate existing talent processes, policies and programs, identify opportunities to improve employee engagement.

By implementing a robust Talent Strategy, our clients can expect to see higher quality recruitment, higher employee engagement & retention, and higher customer satisfaction, all of which increase the bottom line.

Ten Steps to Building a Better Business Plan:
Refresh, rewrite, and reignite your business plan in this interactive session. Whether you are a seasoned business owner or an entrepreneurial startup, this hands-on workshop will walk you through the 10 steps to put action behind your vision. By participating in this workshop, attendees will be able to: Develop a clearly defined mission statement, Target your ideal customers, Enhance marketing strategies, Evaluate business operations, Access Business Advisory Network, and Create a 90-day Success Plan



“Shelli has provided our company with an invaluable experience. Her expertise, subject matter knowledge and strong interpersonal skills, makes Shelli an incredible partner to work with. Her output combined with her professionalism is a great addition to our company.”

“Shelli is a bright resource to help any business thrive. She makes the impossible possible!!”

“Shelli is a very intelligent, professional and responsive coach and leadership consultant. She possesses an extensive knowledge and experience base that she generously shares with her clients. Shelli is very easy to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend her.”