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Promote your teleclass - Grow Your Speaking Business

Promote your teleclass

promote your teleclass

Your excited to be offering your new teleclass. You have spent hours slaving on the content to reach perfection. Now what? You stop dead in your tracks and ask yourself how will I get the word out about my teleclass. There are many ways to promote anything but below is a handful of tips to help you get started in letting the world know you have a teleclass coming up!

  1. Get friends, colleagues, and partners to help promote your teleclass via their site, blog, social sites and ezine.
  2. Create a Buzz: You want to get people excited about your class in advance. Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, online networking groups, etc.
  3. Send out several notices to your list in advance and make sure you’re being creative and use attention-grabbing content and a subject line.
  4. Send out press releases in advance (many free sites)
  5. List your class in teleclass directories (do a Google search)
  6. Write articles related to your teleclass and get them submitted to article directories and industry leaders blogs, etc.
  7. Events: If you present workshops or keynotes mention your teleclass to your attendees, possibly offer them a discount
  8. Add your teleclass in your email signature line
  9. Get involved in online discussion groups and forums, offer helpful content, and if it’s acceptable add your class in your sig line when responding.
  10. Offer a transcript or audio copy of the teleclass once its done.
  11. Add your upcoming class to your voice mail, keep it short and simple and direct the listener to your class promotion page. Make sure you remember to change it once the class is over.
  12. Use free pre-view calls to get people excited about the upcoming main attraction, share tid bits of what they will hear on the upcoming teleclass. If your going to use pre-view calls make sure you offer helpful content that will entice the listener to want to sign up for the main attraction, if you don’t give enough content and are to “salesy” they will not come to your paid event. Possibly think about bringing in an expert to assist with your pre-view call.

Ok I have one more!

13. Add a QR code to your feedback forms, hand-out forms, marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, etc and hand them out. You can get many QR code services for free but will run ads at the bottom, if you don’t mind its well worth it, otherwise you can pay for an upgrade to have them removed.

Most important. always remember to utilize your mailing list of contacts as they are your true followers and the ones which have come to know, like and trust you.

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