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Is Q & A part of your talk? - Grow Your Speaking Business

Is Q & A part of your talk?

Is Q & A Part of Your Talk?

Top 6 reasons WHY you should add time for Q&A to your presentation

  1. Interaction: This is very important. Not only are you engaging with your audience, but the planner can see how easily you interact with your audience and puts you in the running for a call back!
  1. Your Video recordings: We all know you should be recording yourself at every event and picking out the best vids and clips to put on your website, Social media sites and blog. Seeing you interacting and having Q&A time will attract your audience, as well as planners. They can see you incorporate this into your talk and can see the benefit it would have for their own audience if they were to attend your event or the planners were to hire you.
  1. Credibility: Having a Q&A time shows you “walk-your-talk”. This is important as a speaker, as an expert in your field. The more you do this the more credibility you have and people sit up and say, “Hey she really knows her stuff!” It builds a strong PLATFORM on which you can stand and become the go-to expert in your field.
  1. Connection: It’s all about connecting with your audience. When they see you have taken the time to open up for Q&A they know you really care. This creates a connection which is powerful and the beginning of many great and lasting relationships!
  1. Sales: It can open communications leaving your audience wanting more from you. They want to learn more and be to be able to take a “part of you” home with them. So, if you have a coaching program, CD’s, DVD’s, Online Video training, member sites, books, etc., you can see more sales by doing something as simple as giving an additional 15 minutes for some Q&A’s.
  1. Builds your Mailing List: When you’ve finished your Q&A time you can simply say go to the website listed on your flyer (the one you need to hand out before your talk) and sign up for a free ½ hour chat with yourself. **Use a QR code and they can simply scan it from their phone as they sit in their seat and sign up instantly. This will give you a new sign up and a chance to build a relationship and a possible new client/buyer in the very near future. Build your list – it’s the most important thing you’ll do.

So, next time you have a presentation be sure to add Q&A time at the end and see what kind of a difference it makes. I know you will be happy you did!

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