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QR code + speaker onesheet = new connection possibilities - Grow Your Speaking Business

QR code + speaker onesheet = new connection possibilities

QR Code + Speaker OneSheet = New Connection Possibilities

QR Code + Speaker Onesheet = New Connection Possibilities

What could using a QR code on your Speakers Onesheet mean for you? Quite a lot really. It means more business, more sales, more visibility, more credibility, more bookings, increasing your audience and so much more!

TIP: Your Speakers Onesheet is a very powerful marketing tool. Every speaker who wants to consistently land bookings must have one on hand at all times and available for download on their website. Planners expect it – it’s your key gig-winning marketing piece.

Adding a QR code to your Onesheet is a great marketing strategy. It can do many things to help you better connect with your audience and planners. My favorite is to have the QR code take them back to a giveaway you have and this helps you build your list. Some will have it direct them to a Facebook fanpage or an ezine sign up. It’s becoming wildly popular and I want you to know about it so you can leverage every bit of space on your Speaker OneSheet.

When you hand them out at events or you put your Onesheet in the mail you want the QR code prominently displayed. QR-savvy people will often scan the code before reading the document you’ve handed them because they know it’s taking them somewhere with valuable information. Some even simply like the “mystery” and fun of it all and scan to see where it goes. It’s a mini-adventure.

Below are the top 10 ideas you can do with a QR code:

  1. Build Your List: Have the QR code take them back to a page you created to receive your giveaway. This is my number one recommendation since this will build your list faster than you realize. Imagine if you are at a speaking event and you had approximately 200 people in the audience. As they came in the door you handed out the piece with the QR code on it or had the piece on a table. You could also hire someone or have a friend pass them out as they sit down. Out of the 200 people who have that flyer about 75% plus will scan your QR code while you are talking. If you do a fabulous job the percentage will increase. Even for the sleepy heads in the audience they will do it just out of curiosity! So, now you have more people added to your mailing list which you market to on a regular basis via your ezine – and this is all happening while you’re talking on stage!
  1. Social Media Growth: Have the QR code direct back to your Facebook Fanpage and build your following. If you use Twitter more, then have the QR code bring them to Twitter. This will now increase your fanpage likes and followers and give you a bigger audience to share with on Facebook or Twitter. And of course, this will work with any Social Media outlet.
  1. Discounts: Have the QR code take them back to a page you created that will give them a discount on a product or service you offer. It can be a percentage off your coaching perhaps or a book, eCourse, workshop, even tickets to your next live event, etc.
  1. Quiz: Quiz them! Perhaps your goal is to find out what your audience really wants and so using this technique will have the QR code go back to a quiz/survey form you created with a few simple questions. Once they complete it, have them routed to a giveaway. This does two things: A. It helps you with your marketing efforts by letting you know better your audience needs so you can create programs and products around them. B. It entices them to take the quiz/survey so they can get your giveaway while also increases your mailing list!
  1. Contest: People love this one! Have them leave their email and name which allows you to build your mailing list and it enters them in a chance to win something you have, whether it’s an hour coaching with you, a product or other service. Be sure to have the contest details clearly displayed on the page you send them to, and mention when it will be given away, and when your contest ends. Once you do give the prize away, announce it in one of your ezines or on your website or Social Media sites, with the name and website of the person who won. This will give that person more visibility plus shows you are being honest in your contests.
  1. Ezine: If you just want to keep it simple, perhaps just send them to a direct sign up form/box to get your regular ezine so they can stay in touch with you. Some of you might not have the ability or know-how to create contests and quizzes so you will simply just use the QR code to get people to sign up for your ezine. That’s really okay. To be honest with you, I feel this works great if you have been an exceptional speaker and you made your audience “feel” and gave awesome “take-aways”. Your list is valuable and this is a simple way to build it.
  1. Client Lists: Having a QR code that directs the scanner back to your client list might be something you want to share and showcase depending on the circumstances and where you are using your OneSheet.
  1. Testimonials: This is a good one! Testimonials are a very powerful marketing tool. If you want to showcase your testimonials to let people know you “walk-your-talk”, then send them to your testimonial page.
  2. Videos: Huge one when you want to showcase your speaker demo or have an exceptional video worth directing people to. Maybe it was an awesome interview you did with a TV show or one of you speaking at a very well-known conference event. Whatever the case, directing people to watch a video is a great idea. I would send them to your YouTube page as this will entice them to subscribe to your videos as well.
  3. Your Book: If you are an author and you want to send the viewer of your OneSheet to your book page this is a great opportunity. It will help showcase you as the expert and increase sales and new sign ups. Be sure your book page has an “Order Now” link on it to capture that sale right on the spot.

There are many ideas for using a QR code and I only mention the speakers Onesheet because it is widely used, read and often gets passed around. Be creative, or hire someone to be for you, and come up with some fun and lucrative ways to incorporate the QR code into your Onesheet. Also remember if you use Facebook and your intention is to create a QR code to send people to your Facebook page or profile, you can create it with the Facebook logo in the background. People will know exactly where the QR code is taking them before they even scan it. Remember, to add QR codes to your business cards, brochures and all marketing material! You can even print them on your banners or use them as a stand-alone sign on your back-of-room table.

TIP: You could even create a code that takes the person scanning it to your digital Onesheet! Sounds funny, I know, but then they have your Onesheet in their phone or device, and that’s much harder to lose or misplace in the pile of Onesheets on their desk.

There are so many ways to market yourself with today’s technology. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about this one and you’ll implement it to stand out from the crowd.

Need to hire that creative person to help you? Charli Jane Speakers can add the QR codes to Speaker Onesheets for you. If you have questions please let us know. The below is a sample Facebook QR code, scan to see where it will take you.

QR code CJQR code facebook


Sample QR code: The code can be created for free but is ad based, so if you don’t mind ads and still want a QR code it works great!