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Ready to WOOP it Up in 2021? - Grow Your Speaking Business

Ready to WOOP it Up in 2021?

Ready to WOOP it Up in 2021?

First, let me congratulate you all for making it through to this new year. I don’t know about you, but I am personally very grateful it is no longer 2020.

My heart goes out to all those who have suffered loss and setbacks, illness and disappointments this past year. There really aren’t adequate words to tell you how much my heart has been breaking for all the loss and sadness.

I want to honor those who have experienced such trying times this past year, while also, hopefully, encouraging you that in this next year, we can take a look ahead and line ourselves up for when things start to improve for us all.

In the sea of advice on goal setting and resolution making and life changes and etc., etc., that will be flooding your inbox and browser hits, I want to give you an option that might not be so familiar to many of you as the usual standbys are. Don’t get me wrong. I think a lot of what’s out there is terrific for setting and achieving goals. SMART goals work well for me and many that I know.

This system I want to share with you today is something a bit different that I am excited to share with you. It’s the WOOP system. From “WOOP is a science-based mental strategy that people can use to find and fulfill their wishes, set preferences, and change their habits.” It was developed by Gabriele Oettingen, who is a German academic, psychologist, and professor of psychology at NYU and the University of Hamburg. She is the author of Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation (Current, 2015).

WOOP stands for:

W – Wish

O – Outcome(s)

O – Obstacle(s)

P – Plan

It’s simple and elegant and taps into something much deeper, in my opinion, than the other goal-setting systems. Regardless of how you approach life, I think this can work for you. Now, some of you want to stop reading right now because you’re saying “I don’t wish – I do” or maybe wishing seems to be too mystical for you. But I know if I used the word Dream, you’d be hanging in there – but hey, who wants a system that has the acronym DOOP – I know I don’t. WOOP is much more energizing and fun.

Ready to WOOP it Up in 2021?

Take a piece of paper or your phone or planner and identify one wish that you have. It’s something you want to see come to fruition this year. Don’t make broad wishes either or lump several things together.

Then, get specific on the outcome you will experience when that wish comes true. Tap into feelings and envision this outcome.

Next, you’ll identify the obstacles that are in your way, or that you perceive might be. Sometimes just writing a perceived obstacle down helps you see that it really isn’t blocking you. Get clear on the ones that really are.

Then, once you’re clear on these steps, you’ll formulate your plan to journey your way from Wishing to Celebrating. How will you overcome these obstacles? Be specific and focused here. You’ll take this plan and break it down into doable, manageable, achievable steps and work this plan until you reach that day when you realize your wish has come true.

And not because someone waved a magic wand over you, but because through your own focus, intention, and action, you made it come true for you.

You’ll repeat this process for each wish you have. Remember to celebrate your successes and be gentle with yourself when things might work out differently than you imagined. If you stick with this system, you will definitely have many wishes coming true and see your life improve and your speaking business grow.

Now, won’t that be something to WOOP about this time next year!

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