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Recipe for Success: Key Ingredients of a Gig-Winning One-Sheet for Professional Speakers - Grow Your Speaking Business

Recipe for Success: Key Ingredients of a Gig-Winning One-Sheet for Professional Speakers

Recipe for Success: Key Ingredients of a Gig-Winning One-Sheet for Professional Speakers

Recipe for Success: Key Ingredients of a Gig-Winning One-Sheet for Professional Speakers

  1. Images: Use fresh & up-to-date shots. They should be colorful, fun, eye-catching & reflect your uniqueness & personality. More about fun: Just because you have a bit of whimsy in your shots, doesn’t mean you’re not a professional. Go with as much of this element as you are comfortable with & what you think your audience would expect. Just avoid straight-on, stilted & stiff. This is your first chance to make a connection with the planner & start her visualization process of seeing you on her stage in front of her people.
  2. Think Bullet Points: You need to be very clear & concise in communicating your message  when creating a One-Sheet for Professional Speakers. What will the audience feel &/or learn? What are the take-aways? These need to be front & center, short & clear…no long boring stuff. When you go on & on it doesn’t get read. In this case less is always more. The planner wants to know what the benefits of hiring you are. Remember, you’re not closing the booking here, just trying to stand out & get that planner to call you so you can then close the booking.
  3. A Short Bio!: Be to the point & showcase more about how you will help the audience. This may be combined with your bio if done properly. No one reads a long bio; plus it makes things look too crowded & you don’t want crowded. A paragraph will do, okay, a long paragraph is okay, too.
  4. Looks Matter: You want an airy & bright look using your brand colors if you have them. If you have your own logo, by all means, include it as well.
  5. Clean House: Stay-up-to-date with your content. Old stuff is exactly that…old. It won’t get read & makes you look outdated & out of touch with your expertise area. Always stay current & fresh even if it means revamping your One-Sheet every 6 months or so.
  6. Slow Down: At least enough to take your time to get it right. A One-Sheet is a HUGE marketing piece for you & very powerful …It can either sell you on the spot or take you out of the running permanently.
  7. It Is What Is: A One-Sheet is exactly what is says….A One-Sheet. Try your best not to include so much info you have to carry over onto two sheets. Usually it will be front only. I have seen some with information on the back but I believe that’s too much.
  8. Tag It: If you have a tag line use it. Your tag line should be used on everything you have & everywhere you go.
  9. Book It: Use a book image or program image or any product (DVD, CD, eBook) as this stands out for the planner. If you have a lot of products my recommendation is to choose your book & 1-2 other products as we can’t list them all. Please be sure to use high quality images.
  10. You Said What?: Always use media logos interviews/posts/articles, etc. If you have the permission to use these, it’s always best as this really stands out on a One-Sheet.
  11. They Said What?: Two to four testimonials. Make them strong since testimonials are a very powerful marketing tool. Choose short & powerful ones for your One-Sheet. We don’t want a lot of text, remember this is a One-Sheet. So, keep it short & sweet. Make sure they are from real people your planner can contact.
  12. You’ll Say What?: Include your keynote topics with a very brief description of each, no longer than a sentence or two. 2-4 topics is the norm, if you have more we can discuss the options.
  13. Client list: Add your client list or partial list if you would like; it’s not required but some planners like to see this. If you do add a list, be absolutely sure anyone there will rave about you!
  14. Get Connected: Of course, you’ll include your contact information (phone, email, web, skype, etc.). Be sure to offer as many forms of contact as you have. This is important & can determine if you get hired or not. I know it sounds like it’s a given, but it’s true. If a planner can’t get in touch with you except by phone & he continually gets your voice mail, he will move on to the next speaker. Include your web URL & Social Media URL’s (if you want to share them). If you do share them, make sure they are completely up-to-date & reflect well on you.

Extra tips:

    1. Be sure that you have the rights to use any images you include.
    2. Go the distance to create something of high quality. When done well, this is truly something you could use as your only paid marketing piece when just starting out. A good One-Sheet and a well-managed Social Media account can get you in front of the right people fast.
    3. Share your One-Sheet drafts with those friends & colleagues who know you well & who will give you honest & constructive feedback. Incorporate their insights into your final version.
    4. Be sure to digitize your One-Sheet for ease of sharing & quick replies or follow-ups when making connections with planners & decision makers.

The goal is to entice the reader to go to your website to learn more or pick up the phone to call you. Perhaps she might hang your One-Sheet on her bulletin board for future reference. Be the purple cow in the field & draw on your individual talents, uniqueness & personality. You will have an amazing speaker One-Sheet that will shine above all others!

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