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Social Media Design Package - Grow Your Speaking Business

Social Media Design Package

Speakers Brand Your Social Media Channels

We recommend keeping your brand consistent across all social media channels. The same look and feel will build brand awareness and trust with your audience.

Social Media Design Package: The Charli Jane team will design your social media covers to match your brand, style and feel.

This package includes 3 social media covers: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Social Media Design Package Includes:

  • High-Quality Banner Design/s: (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin )
  • Both PNG and JPG format will be supplied
  • Up to 2 revisions can be requested within a 5-day period
  • Things we recommend Speakers add on their banners are name, book, topics, brand colors, logos, short testimonial, tagline/title, media images, etc.
  • We do not add the designs to your social channels for you but are happy to walk you through the simple process of uploading a new cover to your social sites.

Merit Gest Twitter

Merit Gest Facebook

Merit Gest Google Plus

Wendi at Charli Jane speakers is a dream to work with! Her keen design eye, creativity and specialized market savvy make her services invaluable to those of us in the speaking world. She was kind in her feedback and so patient with my process. By the end I had products I felt terrific about! I can’t thank her enough and will definitely be coming back for more. – Jeannette Bessinger, author, speaker,

Jeannette Bessinger

Jeannette Bessinger

Jeannette Bessinger

The best recommendation I ever received was that of Wendi McNeill for marketing design. Her ingenuity captured the highlights of my business on the highest professional level possible. Bonuses included were the very reasonable fee, speed, and expert delivery. I’m very appreciative for all you did on my behalf.” Elinor Stutz – Smooth Sale –

Elinor Stutz Facebook header design

Elinor Stutz Twitter header design

Elinor Stutz Google Plus header design

The Process:

  1. After your purchase, you will be directed to a page with the simple and easy directions.
  2. Turnaround time is usually about 5-10  business days depending on quantity ordered.

Social Media Cover Designs – $99

Questions? or 402-218-4426